I know I am not alone in exploring opportunities for improvement (that’s HR speak for screw-ups) with Amazon, and in some ways they are very responsive to feedback, in others they seem to miss the boat by more than a country mile. I’m not one of those authors that complain about legitimate poor reviews or… Read More Amazongate

Juggling Balls

How many balls is too many? I’m not talking about those balls…I am a lesbian, you know. I’m referring to the multiple projects one person takes on. In a previous blog and past Facebook posts, I’ve admitted to how many cats I have, my propensity toward hoarding, and various quirks landing squarely in the OCD… Read More Juggling Balls

GCLS Wrap-Up

With the drama of the big move over, whatever will I talk about in my weekly blog? How about highlights from GCLS? I should probably wait until the end of the conference…nah what’s the fun in that? Footnote: I started this two days before the end of the conference and finished it on the plane… Read More GCLS Wrap-Up