Like everyone else, I have been watching the news (obsessively). With retirement comes ample free time to obsess over the news. It’s grim with the pandemic and economic fallout that will surely affect millions of Americans. And yet, there is a spark of hope.


For more than three years, there has been a deep divide in our nation, those who support the President no matter what and those that despise him. And nary the two shall meet. Not ever. Most legislation takes an enormous amount of time because the two major parties have not been able to compromise or cross that divide.


So…here is where the hope comes in. With a national emergency, we are starting to come together as a nation. We now have a common enemy. Sure, there are still those who believe Covid19 is a conspiracy designed by one party, but the vast majority want the government to work together. To compromise. And, apparently, they are. In record time the Congress passed the Covid19 response bill. Hallelujah.

common enemy1

Although a great deal more needs to be done and my heart goes out to those who are affected by the virus. Not only affected directly by contracting the virus but the economic impact as well. And, let’s not forget those who have loved ones affected by the virus.

free lunch

In times like these, unity is the only way forward. We can resume any petty differences after the crisis has abated. And, unfortunately, I suspect we will. Too bad for that. My final question is why does it take a pandemic to unify a nation? Is there a path forward for us when this crisis passes? I hope so. In fact, I hope to see this in my lifetime. To return to decency, compassion, and love of fellow human beings.

common enemy

I have posted in Facebook groups my willingness to purchase and send a free e-book to anyone without the financial means or in need.  I trust in humanity and trust that people will not take advantage of all the kind offers out there by so many authors who have already put their books up on Amazon for free. Because I need to believe that we are unified and care enough to not take advantage of this crisis.

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4 thoughts on “Unity…

  1. I have all the books you listed, just have to find time to read all of them. I have read the the Asset Management series and loved it. I’m now reading The Panty Thief and enjoying it. Maybe with my self imposed isolation I’ll get my huge to be read pile of books whittled down to a manageable size. Hope you are getting better now. Stay safe during these trying times.


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