While we were driving through New Mexico, I noticed a sign that said: If you don’t establish your brand, be prepared to be branded (or something like that). Obviously it was an advertisement for someone to help with business marketing. That got me to thinking what brand has been attached to me from readers. I… Read More Branding

Good Corruption

Huh? How can corruption be good? The dictionary describes corruption as: 1) dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery; or 2) the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased. However, when joking… Read More Good Corruption

Old Eyes

Having friends who live in a beautiful part of the country on the way to my father’s house in Florida is a tremendous advantage. Our friends, who live on Lake Cumberland, are graciously hosting us for a whole week. Finally, we can chill for awhile. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the old eyes part of… Read More Old Eyes