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I read an interesting thread on Facebook about book teasers. It got me thinking, do people actually enjoy, read, and most importantly make book purchases from book teasers? As usual, I went on an internet search trying to find the oldest book teaser, or the origins of book teasers. Nothing, nada, nil. I didn’t find anything but advice on how to write a book teaser or more appropriately, what section to select when offering a teaser. However, I did find a tiny bit of information on the history of book trailers, which are a sort of teaser.

The earliest book trailer I found, was for the book Wildwood by John Farris, which incorporated images from his book cover along with various actors (none of whom I recognized). There is even an award for book trailers called the Traillie Award established in 2007. I like the book trailers that Affinity does with our new releases. If only we could convince Ruby Rose to make a cameo appearance…or maybe Angelina Jolie. I’m not picky…LOL!

In the thread, I posted about not really knowing if the teaser is worth the effort. There were quite a few people who remarked on enjoying teasers from this favorite author (not me…LOL). So…I wondered if that applies to all authors or just the famous ones? Lately, I’ve not been in the mood to do Facebook live teasers or much of anything besides this Friday blog. Honestly, it isn’t like going live is hard or copying a scene from an upcoming book to post as a teaser takes a lot of effort, but I just haven’t been in the mood lately. I even stopped doing Teaser Tuesday, which is a super quick post grabbing a quote from a book. Why? I don’t know…I can’t pinpoint the specific reason. Laziness? Maybe. But more likely it’s my less than positive attitude about whether there is a return on investment. Granted, it isn’t a lot of work but does take some time to find the “right” clip to read or post. And, I never feel like I’ve quite hit the nail on the head. More like hitting my thumb with a hammer (I have had to explain a teaser before that led people down a very wrong path).

Ultimately, I was re-energized by the comments, thinking that perhaps there is at least one person out there who might appreciate the teasers, even for someone like me who isn’t famous. So…or those who loved Bri, Sierra, Olivia, and Deb from Unconventional Lovers, here’s a teaser for the short holiday story coming out in Mid-November, called Donner Jr. Saves the Day. Fortunately, they changed the original title, Donner is Dead…LOL! Clearly, titles, blurbs, and probably teasers are definitely the bain of my existence!

The tinkle of the bell followed by a loud bang, alerted Olivia to the fact that something was seriously wrong. She was prepared for a medical emergency and not what she saw after emerging from the exam room.

The clinic wasn’t open yet. She’d prepped for the first appointment as she hummed while restocking the supplies. Running from the room she came face to face with her niece’s obvious despair. Tears were streaming down her face and the crooked grin Olivia was so used to seeing was absent.

If some ignorant asshat had said something hateful to her beloved niece, she would track the little bastard down and slice him open with a lecture of epic proportions. Most of the people in Moses Lake were kind, but lately those in prominent positions had given every closet bigot the license to spew hateful rhetoric. Suddenly, they’d emerged from those dark corners and their disgust for her niece’s innocent displays of affection to her wife resulted in not only disapproving gazes but revolting taunts. Others disguised their well-meaning opinions with old prejudices not only reserved for two young lesbians with Down syndrome but any Down syndrome couple. The worst one was when old Mrs. Cunningham had said, “At least they can’t procreate.” Olivia had come unglued with that statement and told her to take Fluffy to another vet clinic. She wasn’t ever going to allow someone to spew ignorance anywhere near her.

Olivia opened her arms and Bri ran to her. “Bri, honey, what’s wrong?”

“Donner is dead.” The wet tears began to soak Olivia’s scrubs.

“Donner? Who is Donner?” Olivia began stroking Bri’s back, attempting to soothe her and find out more. She was relieved her tears weren’t the result of a mean comment.

“Mr. Klausen’s reindeer.” Bri separated from Olivia, her eyes wide and pleading. “Oh, Aunt Olivia, you have to help. Cupid and Rudolf are sick, too.”

Olivia slung her arm around Bri’s shoulder and led her to a chair in her back office. She rolled her desk chair out from behind her desk. “Bri, you know I’m not a large animal vet, I’m not sure how much help I can be.”

“I can help. I’ll calm them. Please Aunt Olivia. You have to save Christmas. You’re the only one who can. Donner Junior can take over, but if any of the others die…”

Olivia patted Bri’s hand. “Okay, I’ll see what I can do. You know Mr. Klausen is not Santa Claus, right? He may look a lot like him and have an implausibly similar name, but Santa Claus is not real. He plays the part for the kids.”

“I know that, I’m not a child.” Bri furrowed her brow, showing her rare bout of stubbornness. “His sleigh rides and the farm are important. It won’t be Christmas without them.”

“You’re right, honey. It won’t be the same. Where’s Siera this morning?”

Olivia saw the crooked smile return. “She’s going shopping for my present. I told Siera I would take the morning appointments.”

A smile of her own graced Olivia’s lips when she asked, “Oh, did Deb take her? Do you know what store they were going to?”

“You shouldn’t try to find out what Aunt Deb is getting you for Christmas, that’s wrong.”

“Who appointed you the moral police?” Olivia teased. “Besides, I’ll find out what Siera is getting you, if you ask Siera where Deb went to get my present.” Olivia touched Bri on the tip of her nose.

Bri shook her head. “Nope.” She pinched her lips. “My lips are sealed.”


Bri giggled and just like that, Olivia had her perpetually cheerful and loving niece back. Olivia worried about the reindeer. If there was a disease spreading in large animals that could be disastrous for the community.

“When can you see Mr. Klausen’s reindeer? I told him you would help.”

Olivia raised her eyebrow. “Oh, you did, did you?” She poked Bri’s stomach and began tickling. She nodded again. “I said he needed the best vet in town and that’s you, Aunt Olivia.”

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