GCLS Update


Well crap…I was sitting fat and happy after lunch at a table talking with Sue, Renee, Ali and Angie and realized it was Friday…blog day. Coincidentally the night before I started a list of the top 10 Educational/Interesting items talked about at the conference and decided that’s what my blog will be about.


Drum roll…without further adieu, here are my top ten items decided in collaboration with others that we are now naming the goober patrol. We could only come up with five…but stay tuned because there are two more days to the conference!


  1.  Requirements for packing in and packing out on a five-day backtracking trip only include the toilet paper when uh…pooping in the woods. Against any better judgement, I asked how do you pack out the toilet paper after use? The answer appalled me as they said it’s just like picking up doggy poop in a little plastic bag. Of course, then I asked with a horrified expression on my face, “Do you have to pack out the poop too?”
  2. Cricket Krap is the best fertilizer because it has a higher nitrogen content. Don’t ask.  If you need more information get Renee Mackenzie’s book, Nesting.
  3. It is very disconcerting according to Sue when there is growling between your legs. I, of course, challenged that…there is nothing sexier than a woman growling between your legs.
  4. Not everyone knows about the A-spot or U-spot.  I took the time to educate people using the Vagina Couch picture as a visual display for The A-spot and gave a simple explanation for the U-spot. Find the g-spot and go a little further down the road and you’ll find the U-spot.
  5. When someone calls out Open Wide Make it Big…it doesn’t have anything to do with sex much to our disappointment.  We needed to make a space for wheelchair access.


Hopefully, everyone is catching our periodic Facebook Live posts and tonight we plan on doing our readings on the Vagina Couch!

vagina couch

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