Myths on Vibrators

Okay, I admit it…Vibrators are one of my favorite topics to return to. So, imagine my delight when I ran across this article about…Vibrators! I immediately knew I had to share the information with everyone. I also learned something new when I went back to search for the article I read…there’s a search function that… Read More Myths on Vibrators

Be Careful What You Ask For…Part II

So…all over the news, states are lamenting the fact that they now have a serious teacher shortage. Why? Because the fringe right has been calling teachers “groomers”. Then there are the mean-spirited report of teachers offering kids banned books, supporting LGBTQ+ teens, or allegations that CRT is being taught in their classroom. They’ve declared war… Read More Be Careful What You Ask For…Part II


So…I’ve been on a sex roll lately and last week I included Foot Sex in my list of 101 Types of Sex. This one definitely caught my interest. Thus I felt like it deserved its own blog. The first question I had: can a person actually have an orgasm with just a foot rub? And… Read More Footgasm


You might think that I’m going to talk about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe V. Wade today and make no mistake that is a big Ouch, but not what I can talk about just yet. It’s way too raw for me after the other decision on gun rights. All I can say is… Read More Ouch