How 2020 Didn’t Completely Suck…

Sure, I know that 2020 wasn’t the best year for most people. However, being the kind of person I am who tries to see the glass half full, rather than half empty, I decided I needed to do a recap of 2020 highlighting the top ten positive things to happen within my stratosphere. So, without too much preamble, here they are in no particular order of importance or significance:

  • The second annual Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Weekend, organized by Brandi Carlisle and featuring numerous female artists, went on without a hitch at the Hard Rock hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico. My wife and I extended this first vacation after our official retirement to three weeks and it was awesome. We even met up with Facebook friends who read my books!
  • I retired after over 35 years in healthcare human resources and finally got to live with my wife fulltime.
  • My wife and I took our first maiden cross-country RV trip and learned that although there were challenges, we managed to co-exist in our tiny home for five weeks while visiting friends, family, and a smattering of readers. It was particularly important to see my father who is ageing rapidly. Plus, we learned so much about our RV that will come in handy when we’re able to take another long journey.
  • On June 15th, the Supreme court handed down a major victory for the LGBTQ+ community. In a historic decision, they ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects gay, lesbian, and transgender employees from discrimination based on sex. The ruling was 6-3, with Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s first appointee to the court, writing the majority opinion. In some ways this was as precedent setting as the decision on marriage equality.
  • While Thanksgiving and Christmas were different this year, we still managed to have a grand time in the Tri-cities on Thanksgiving as we devoured a wonderful meal inside our hotel room. Not having to cook was a bonus, even if we weren’t able to eat in a restaurant as is our tradition of late. Christmas was no different for us as we normally spend it alone with just the two of us at home enjoying a wonderful meal.
  • On December 14th, in another decision, while not exactly friendly to the LGBTQ+ community as in their previous decision in June, the court at least was not hostile and turned away Indiana’s attempt to strip equal parenting rights from married same-sex couples. The order suggested that a majority of the justices weren’t eager to roll back marriage equality, despite the rhetoric from Justices Alito and Thomas questioning the ruling on marriage equality, earlier in the year.
  • Despite having a bit of writer’s block, 2020 resulted in three published novels (The Panty Thief, Heart Strings Attached, and One Shot at Love) as well as contributions to three anthologies (The Lesbian Campfire Stories Anthology, Lady Grimm Halloween Anthology and Affinity’s 10th Anniversary Christmas Anthology). Every novel and short story was different ranging from light humor to tackling serious subjects like gun control and drug addiction.
  • Democrats finally prevailed and voted Trump out of office, making him an impeached, one-term president, who lost by a landslide, despite the outright lies, conspiracy theories and general craziness that is still happening.
  • The courts and even some unlikely Republicans, took a stand and made sure that our democracy is not lost after all. With 60 losses in court, including two smack downs from the Supreme Court, many breathed a sigh of relief. Sure, I know it isn’t really over until January 20th, but the game is over and we’re just counting down the days until Trump leaves office. Or, in my dreams, they drag his ass out in handcuffs.
  • Two separate vaccinations to help fight the Coronavirus 19 were developed and approved by the FDA in record time. This gives me hope that eventually we will return to normal, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  • Because I can’t resist to add one more…Last year I participated in numerous live readings, launch parties and a true highlight…Girl On Fire with KD Williamson who made me taste hot sauce!

So…what is on the horizon for 2021? I am hoping that the vaccinations allows for less restrictive travel in 2021, including a trip to Florida for GCLS. My fingers are crossed. Barring any unforeseen circumstances three more books will be published in 2021, and all three will be featured in Jae’s Sapphic Reading challenge! Shout out to Jae who does so much for the lesfic/WLW community.

  • Inspiration Takes a Vacation: An Epic Love Story, which goes live January 7th (on pre-order now). And…I’ll be hosting with Ali Spooner a Twin Launch Party on January 9th at noon PST. Here’s the link to that event:
  • Sculpting her Heart, which comes out in April. A book I am particularly proud of, especially since a beta made this wonderful comment: “I haven’t had a crush this big on a character since reading Jae’s Backwards to Oregon and crushing on Luke. Zari is at that range for me as you have created an amazing character. ” To be compared to Jae in any way is a huge compliment!
  • The Others, release date unknown…but hopefully by the end of 2021. I am putting the finishing touches on the WIP and preparing to send it along to Affinity soon.

The jury is still out on whether I have more books inside me, but I’ll worry about that later. I keep tossing around my idea of an older lesbian buying a whole ghost town and creating a lesbian retirement community after being refused entrance into a stuffy community that doesn’t allow LGBTQ+ seniors. I’ve also been conversing with Ali for another installment in the Trophy Wives Series. We did kinda leave things hanging in Heart Strings Attached! But, at least I have twenty-one novels for you to choose from, with two more in the queue, so if you want to check out the back list or my new novel, feel free to click the links below. Oh and Happy New Year…here’s to this year sucking a lot less!

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