The 80s

Today is Christmas, but more importantly, today is the day I get to see Wonder Woman 1984. To be honest, I’ve long since stopped participating in most of the Christmas traditions. We don’t decorate other than handing three large Christmas balls from our light fixtures and putting a wreath on our door. We don’t send out holiday cards except for an electronic version posted on Facebook. We’ve stopped buying presents for anyone, not even each other (my wife and I). The only thing we do different on the holiday is cook a special meal.

So…this holiday, my excitement rests solely on watching Wonder Woman 1984. That got me to thinking about the 80s. What an era. While watching the previews, I laughed so hard at the whole parachute pants schtick. I wish I had a picture to prove that I owned a pair. I didn’t have big hair, but I did sport the dyke hairdo of the era and have a picture to prove that.

The 80s was an especially monumental time for me because that is when I came out. I frequented the bar scene, sowed my wild oats, and had several short term relationships in that 10 year period. It was a time of great upheaval and self discovery for me. Revisiting the time period will undoubtedly come with some fond memories, as well as some more painful remembrances, but I am still looking forward to the movie.

The 80s was another time where conservative politics prevailed, including the disastrous Reaganomics with his trickle down theory that never quite worked. I guess we never learn, do we? AIDS, the Chernobyl disaster, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and Challenger explosion were just a few of the tragic events of the era. On the plus side, the 80s brought us personal computers, CDs, the end to the Cold War when the Berlin Wall was torn down, and The Simpsons (I love that show).

Maybe one day I will set one of my books in the 80s to take those of you who lived in that era back to your fond memories. In the meantime, if you have some extra money from Christmas to spend because your friends and family actually celebrate Christmas like normal people, feel free to check out my books, including my most recent book now on pre-order!

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