Wish I was a Southern Lady….

Some of my favorite books are about Southern women and the Southern way of life because quite honestly some of the sayings are laugh out loud funny. I figure if I’d been born in the South and lived there my whole life, I too would be able to write laugh out loud funny books just by assimilating what I hear every day.

bucked tooth

Southern women say things like, “She was so skinny, I swear she fell right through her butthole.” I mean come on, who wouldn’t laugh at that.

Now a Midwestern woman like me, would probably say something like, “Sometimes I worry about her. Do you think I should talk to her? It looks like she’s lost a bit of weight.” Midwesterners can be chronically polite, and now that I am a Westerner as well-politically correct.

As a writer, being chronically polite or politically correct is most likely boring and preachy. I try to channel my inner Southern woman at times, but I suppose it’s easier to write what you know. And that’s why I wish I was born in the South sometimes.


Fortunately I had an eccentric grandmother that I could probably draw upon, but haven’t yet. The true stories I can tell about her are definitely laugh out loud funny. Just in case she’s up there ready to haunt me from the grave…love you, grandma.


I’ve been told that I sprinkle humor into my writing here and there and that some of my lines are “killer”, but I don’t think any of my books can be categorized as humor. Unconventional, yes. Comedy, no.

We always want what we don’t have. I suppose I should be thankful I live in a progressive, open-minded, state because I hear horrible things about some of the other more conservative, Southern states where my Southern sisters live. As a devout tree hugging liberal, I’d probably be tarred and feathered if I decided to move to the South to become ingrained in the culture. Yet, sometimes the fantasy of Southern living is very appealing….

Now for the expected plug to check out my book…and of course if you aren’t interested, well than, Bless Your Heart….Just kidding!

Bless her heart

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Live Forever Love Forever

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