Who Knew?

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Every day I learn something new about Social Media. Today I submitted an application for a new Goodreads author page. I don’t even have my Facebook, Tweets, Pinterest,  or Authorise mastered, but what the hell, I signed up anyway.

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My wife joked with me today and said that keeping up with all of this is a full-time job. That’s probably true, but I already have a full-time job and a part-time job writing books. I only have one published novel at this point and my second book, Asset Management, is due to come out in August. I’ve been prolific at writing ever since Affinity gave me a contract to publish Love Forever, Live Forever with two more books that I hope will be published in the future. My current work in progress (WIP – learned that acronym earlier this year) is about 25% complete. All this started in August of 2014. Yep I’m an overachiever….

AM Cover

Since I have about four more years until retirement, I don’t know how I will possibly fit everything in, but I’m damned sure to give it the old college try.

I would love any advice from all you authors out there that work full-time, write, and try to market your books through social media. How do you possibly accomplish this without going bat shit crazy?

I think I forgot to mention that I hear you need to periodically write a blog. So I guess I’ll keep this one short because after all I’ve got another book to write…

If you are interested in my debut book, Love Forever, Live Forever, the links are below.  Asset Management comes out in August and I’ve been told this one will be a hot seller. I sure hope so! Don’t forget to send me advice all you seasoned authors, because I sure don’t know how you juggle all those balls.





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