Old Eyes

Having friends who live in a beautiful part of the country on the way to my father’s house in Florida is a tremendous advantage. Our friends, who live on Lake Cumberland, are graciously hosting us for a whole week. Finally, we can chill for awhile. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the old eyes part of today’s blog…

So…my wife loves hanging out in nature among the trees and the wildlife. Add a roaring fire and she’s in heaven. The woods call to her. Me, not so much. While I absolutely love hanging out on the lake, and also really am in awe of the beautiful woods surrounding the lake…I have a very unhealthy relationship to the bugs that call the woods their home. The little f—ckers love me. No matter what I do…slather my body in lavender lotion, generously apply skin so soft bug spray, and wear one of those arm bands that are supposed to keep bugs from biting, I come away with at least three new bites a night. And then, my friends just have to warn me about ticks, thus the story about old eyes…

I was quite happily enjoying the beauty of my friends’ place, swiping at the mosquitoes all vying for my attention, when they began to talk about how many ticks they have to pull off of each other. I, of course, began searching my legs for any evidence that I’d been attacked by the new miniature demons. A suggestion was made that it could be a lot of fun for my wife to do a full body search for ticks in the shower. I promptly responded that she has “old eyes” and there was no way I was trusting her to find the little buggers. We’ve been laughing and joking about my comment the entire visit. But, let’s face it, I also have “old eyes”, so I’m not trusting myself to find all those ticks either. I am convinced the little shits have found their way onto my body and are working their way up my leg. Make fun of me all you want, but can you imagine one of them crawling up your inner thigh and taking a big bite once they reach your juicy bits? I’m shuddering imagining that very thing…and this is why if I choose to set any of my scenes in the woods, I’m often poking fun at myself and my princess ways (because you know a little part of ourselves makes its way into our characters). Several of my books are set in the woods or have random scenes in the woods, including my most recent novel, The Others, so feel free to check them out. You know the drill click the links below. Don’t forget about the My Lesfic sales. Two wonderful Affinity Authors and books are featured this week: TJ Vertigo’s Private Dancer and Lisa Ron’s Her.

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