Crossing The Generations


Last night I posted my thoughts on Facebook’s version of a hello-the infamous Poke. In my normal way of looking at things I poked (pun intended) a little fun at this contemporary form of greeting. My intent was to let people know that I’m really not a b@#%& when I don’t poke back, but instead I prefer the “old fashioned” way of greeting people. As I just wrote that, I started laughing to myself because there is really nothing old fashioned about private messaging people on Facebook, or even sending a hello e-mail.

As I looked at the comments from my post, I noticed there were some generational differences. Of course, someone just had to pick up on the terminology and add a sexual innuendo. Come on…how could we resist with the terminology “poke”. It was just begging for the conversation to turn. It provided several laugh out loud moments for me. In my defense, I was not the one who went there first. I just added my LMAO comment. I am so proud of myself that I finally know what LMAO means. If there are still people in the dark on this, it means, laughing my ass off. However I was not so hip to know what ROTFLMAO means and recently had to do a Google search to learn that texting/Facebook shortcut.



I’ll bet you are wondering where the heck I am going with all this, especially since this is titled Crossing the Generations. Stay with me Facebook peeps….I’ll get there.

As I pondered this further, I realized that most of the people in my age group are not only emerging into the Facebook craze, but jumping in with both feet. Like a fine wine we are taking a sip, swirling it around in our mouth and tasting its fine flavors. My wife and I are in a generation that can claim we have considerable life experiences due to our many years on the planet, and we have both not only embraced Facebook, but I might venture to admit we are slightly addicted to it now.

fb addiction

Admittedly, I did not enter the Facebook craze willingly. I came kicking and screaming all the way. Prior to my mother’s passing, I learned she had a Facebook page to keep in contact with her grandchildren. I simply couldn’t let my 70 year old mother show me up. If she could do it, so could I.


I confess that it wasn’t until I started writing that I became truly active and ultimately, completely addicted. Now I come home each night and try to do my one thousand words of writing before I check my Facebook page and the many notifications just waiting my response. I use Facebook as an incentive now. After I complete my writing goal, I jump onto Facebook. I am still learning all the lingo of this new generation of electronic communication. I am still far from adept at using social media, because Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ might as well exist on a different planet. However, I thought I had crossed the generational divide, until this whole poking thing threw me for a loop. Sorry I just can’t bring myself to poke you back. So if you want to say hello to me you’re going to have to do it the revised old fashioned way-through a private message or e-mail: No poking the old lady-ROTFLMAO.


There are many other things that I would love you to do as a replacement to a poke. I welcome a pm or an e-mail with feedback on any of my books. Of course I’d love anyone to review my books and to be able to pm me, e-mail me, or review a book, you first have to have read them…..

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Locked Inside

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Amazon         Affinity E-Book Press      Smashwords     Barnes & Noble     Bella Books

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4 thoughts on “Crossing The Generations

  1. As usual a very good and extremely truthful blog. As I was reading through the comments I think maybe 1 or 2 over the age of 25 didn’t mind being poked . They actually enjoyed playing poke me.
    Personnally I wish FB would take the damn thing out. What a pain in the ass. I keep getting poked , and it just builds up in my profile memory. Not my style to be poking people . Good subject.


  2. I’m 49. Because of the jobs I’ve had, I’ve always been highly computer literate but I realize it isn’t that way for other people in my age group. Still, I find myself slow to adapt to the latest and greatest. I was still fooling with MySpace when the kids in my life had moved onto Facebook. I only got on Facebook to see what my son and his friends were up to (he’s 20 now and married). He hardly ever gets on Facebook anymore. His generation has moved on to snapchatting, Facetime, Instagram and Tumblr.

    I’m an author too. I’ve found that the demographic my books most appeal to (LGBT women over 30) still hangs out on Facebook and some hang out on Pinterest. I’m an old pro at Facebook but I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t at Pinterest.


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