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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve participated in threads on covers, editing your work, overused descriptions, and the perception that writers need to apologize for not meeting every single reader’s unique taste in fiction.


Personally, I love the dialogue. I think it stems from my upbringing and the encouragement of healthy debate at the dinner table. I enjoy reading the different viewpoints and yet, I don’t ever want a writer to feel like they cannot do what they love…write.


Writing is a passion for us and some writers are more talented with character development, others with plot, some compose witty and engaging dialogue, and a few can write such a steamy sex scene that may cause dew in our pants (is that an overused descriptor?).  I can’t really comment on the technical competence of any particular writer unless they do their own editing work, which is rarely recommended, and yet on occasion necessary due to lack of funds. My point…yes I’ll get to it…is that it is a rare individual who can accomplish expertise in all of these areas, including a stunning cover that will entice most everyone to hit that 1-click button on Amazon.


How about one of these covers for my next book….because when I went created these covers, they left me breathless, and I wanted them too reach the depths of you’re sole. Of course there is no beach scene in the book, but theirs a water park…does that count?  Oh and for those of you who don’t understand evil sarcasm…I just couldn’t help myself….sorry. Just kidding none of those covers are what Nancy designed.

I tend to make fun of everything. I am that writer who most definitely violates grammar rules, doesn’t have the first clue about what an appealing cover is (I leave that to my wonderful cover artist), and will most likely continue to use the occasional cheesy overwritten cliche, because I kinda like some of them.

In the beginning, I wanted to try to please everyone. I wanted to continue to hone my craft. Yes, I’ll still listen to feedback because it truly is a gift, but I won’t apologize for imperfection because that is who we all are – imperfect people attempting to reach a reader and make a positive impact on their lives. Writers, I implore you to not take things too seriously and continue to produce those imperfect creations that I adore reading.


Really, I ain’t kidding. I loves to read. So keeps um comin. Te he he…


I promise you won’t receive any criticism from me. I know how hard it is to produce the finished product. I read this blog out loud and decided to keep it exactly the way I wrote it. And another thing, I like the … it does not bother my eyes in the least.


If you want to read my imperfect work…you know the drill…click the links below.By the way the real cover for my book coming out on October 1st is the first cover below.

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page



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