Let’s Talk About Sex Baby….


I often get sidetracked by the threads in the various Facebook groups I belong to (yeah I know big surprise to no-one). I peruse the sites usually after reaching my daily writing goal (okay maybe sometimes I sneak on Facebook in the middle of writing).


This past week I came upon a thread that was particularly interesting to me and my normally curious nature was definitely piqued. The thread was about lesfic sex scenes. Now, who wouldn’t want to read about that!


An observation was made about the increasing number of lesfic sex scenes that have heterosexual overtones. A few of the examples really jumped out at me like: female ejaculation; referring to the lady bits as d&%$s or other such male member names; and one that prompted an immediate response from me…asking to be f%$&ed harder from behind with fingers, noting that it would likely cause bruising.


I asked questions because I like learning about lesbian sex. I  wanted to know how fingers could cause bruising. I revealed my vanilla tendencies by stating I, too, had a hard time understanding the appeal of giving a rubber dildo a blowjob. The female ejaculation part caused me to jump on my computer. I’d vaguely remembered reading about female ejaculation. However, the final example of spreading a seed or something like that, I stayed clear of.


See…I couldn’t resist doing my own little bit of research because lesbian sex is my favorite thing to google. I just had to provide more information on female ejaculation because I was convinced it was a real thing even though I’m not really sure it’s ever happened to me. Drum roll….here’s what I learned.

  • One in three women report it happening to them at least once in their life.
  • Yeah, France…scientists there did a study and found that of the seven women who insisted they had ejaculated, fluid from five of them was mostly urine with a marginal amount of prostatic secretions, but the other two produced a fluid which contained a natural chemical called prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
  • Other research studies also found PSA in females who believed they had ejaculated.
  • Female ejaculation has been banned in UK porn…hmmm ejaculation envy?

Now, this sent me on a completely different tangent on what constitutes well written lesbian sex? There was a comment that a lot of lesbian sex scenes are on the decidedly vanilla side of the equation, which prompted a new question, where does vanilla end and hetero overtones begin? It kinda sounded liked the less vanilla the more it moved to the hetero spectrum.


Personally, there aren’t too many lesfic sex scenes that take me out of the story because I’m an academic researcher when I read something new. I love to learn new stuff and if it sounds a little off, or I’ve never heard of it, I do some research.  Although I have very eclectic tastes in what I read in lesfic, I can’t claim to carry that into my field research. There are just some things that don’t appeal to me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about them.


There are probably just as many different opinions about what makes an appealing sex scene in lesfic as I imagine there are ways of pleasuring your lesbian partner. That’s what makes it so fun to read and learn from. One conclusion I’ve come to is that, from what I’ve read, I don’t really believe that the majority of lesbian fiction is vanilla. I think I’m qualified to make that bold statement as someone who falls squarely in the vanilla category and reads a lot of lesfic. I gotta say, I’m not even sure my old body would be able to get into the positions described in some of the sex scenes, much less enjoy half of the stuff.


Now, of course, I’ve never had a mid-life crisis, yet…perhaps I’ll play that out by trying a few new things I’ve learned from the variety of sex scenes I’ve read. I do hope the writers will continue to be inventive and provide further education. I’m still an eager student!


I’ve been told that I can’t claim to write mostly vanilla sex scenes anymore, but who knows if that is accurate since everyone seems to have a different perception about sex in lesfic and what constitutes vanilla. If you want to check it out for yourself and let me know your opinion, you know the drill…click the links below to read my books!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby….

  1. Annette you never cease to amaze me. When I didn’t think your blogs could get any better, BAM you get me LMAO. You have one hell of an imagination and your mind does work in very mysterious ways. Never change!!!! Your always good for a laugh and entertainment.

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