#HashtagThis #HashtagThat


You’ve probably noticed all the hashtags recently on my posts and wondered why all of a sudden Annette is hashtagging everything she touches. Like a good student, when someone more intelligent than myself says I should do it, I listen. Unfortunately, I also have an innate need to know the whys behind everything. I’ve never been good at learning from instructors who say click here, then click there, now push that button… I crave the knowledge behind the mechanics. What does that click do or what would happen if I tried this?


So…I went aGoogling (I’m just making up words right and left now) to find out the rationale behind hashtags and what they really do. Here’s what I discovered.

  • The reason I never understood the power of hashtags is because I’m old and have never done a search on Twitter or Facebook for a particular topic via a hashtag.
    Just because someone puts out a hashtag, doesn’t mean your post will suddenly show up on someone’s page or catch someone’s eye.


  • Social media users have to click on your hashtag to find your post and all the similar posts with that tag. Side note: I checked out several of my hashtags and they worked perfectly with the exception of one. I was very disappointed to click on the BDSM hashtag in my post and got nothing…sheesh I thought tons of people were chatting about that hot topic! However when I went into the search bar instead of simply clicking on my hashtag, voila…found multiple posts!If anyone knows the reason for this, I’m all ears.


  • I’ve discovered a whole new way to research topics. All I need to do is click on a hashtag and the posts are endless. What a great way to join interesting conversations.


  • #Hashtagiodiot does not bring forward helpful information on hashtags…just saying. I had to do a normal Google search to obtain the above helpful information on hashtags.


  • I was like a kid in a candy store when I finally understood this whole nebulous (to me) concept of hashtags. I was clicking on every single hashtag I saw. Dangit…a brand new addiction. Why Goddess why do you tempt me so?


You are all probably saying right now, “Well Annette, duh, we knew all that.” But for those of you who didn’t…you’re welcome.

Now I just need to come up with a clever hashtag that will encourage everyone to purchase my books, but somehow I think #buyAnnetteMoribooks isn’t likely a tag that will get a whole lot of action, How about #romash. I’ve decided both a new word and a new hash tag are in order. A “Romash” is a novel that has equal parts romance and something else (paranormal, sci-fi, dystopian, intrigue, mystery, thriller, fantasy, etc)  It’s a special kind of mash up…but if that new hashtag doesn’t do it, and you feel the need to go out right now and purchase my books, you know the drill, click the links below….

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4 thoughts on “#HashtagThis #HashtagThat

  1. I’ve always used a few, mainly #AmReading, #AmWriting and #Lesfic but I swore off using many, especially on Facebook where people seem to go wild with them. I did use them to research but not for my writing…for the haunted house attraction we operate. You and I must have read the same article. I’ve started to use more and the response has been encouraging.


  2. I’m with Elle I knew nothing about the story of the almighty #hashtag. You have know enriched my life with more knowledge.
    A little perplexed I just read about BDMS and we jumped across a wide barrier to hashtags. If nothing else my friend I get a well rounded education.


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