Lesbian Prostitutes?

The most interesting conversations occur on Facebook. This past week as I was combing through the posts, I came across an invite to a group titled, Prostitution Research and Education. Granted, from time to time I get added to groups I have zero interest in or receive invites to others that seem only marginally relevant to me, but Prostitution? My first thought was what the hell? Why was I invited to this interesting group?


I joked about it on Facebook and posted this: “Do I look like Prostitution is or was my vocation? I’m 58 for shit’s sake…how much money could I really make at that age? Perhaps someone wants me to write a book about lesbian prostitutes…actually not a bad idea. So I’m thinking about joining because…come on…it’s bound to be fascinating…what do y’all think???”


Well…I got a boatload of comments on my post. Some were hysterical, others intriguing. I learned a few things and decided more research was imperative. The three major areas I simply had to follow up on were:

  • Back in the forties and fifties, some femmes supported their butches with prostitution because the butches could not find work (thanks, Yolanda Rochna). Oh, and there were butch pimps (thanks. Kathy Brodland).
  • A true story from Lee Winter (thanks, Lee) about a group of lesbian friends who started a sex service for women in Sydney. The service folded after 6 weeks after they fell in love with their clients!
  • There’s no need to pay for sex as a lesbian, maybe plying them with wine or pizza, but apparently, sex is easy to obtain as a lesbian (thanks, Danna Micoletti).

Here’s what I found out in my research:

  • I typed in every combination of words to see what I could find out about those selfless femme’s who supported their butch lovers with prostitution and sadly I could not find anything. Side Note: You’ll also see an anemic amount of pictures and memes because nothing came up when I typed in lesbian prostitute and not much else with prostitute…at least that I was willing to share.  However, I don’t doubt that it definitely existed because one of the posts remarks told of her personal experience in the 60s that would support this history.
  • The UK seems to have jumped on girl on girl escort services more quickly than the US. As far back as 1997, Gigilo Girls were indeed helping women figure out their sexuality using this service. The young woman featured in the story did not seem to want to fall in love with her clients who ranged in age from 25 – 50+.
  • Um, my personal luck with the ladies was definitely non-existent back in the 80’s, so maybe that belief about it not being needed might not be true for everyone. Let me introduce y’all to The Resort and Spa, Shari’s Ranch, in Nevada. They wrote about a growing trend in requests from women for female escorts.  Their female to female business amounts to 15% of their total revenue (and that stat was from 2014 which had grown 10%). I can’t help but share their marketing on this:
    • “Women don’t go to brothels. Women don’t have a desire to go to brothels. Women only go to brothels if it’s their husbands’ idea. False. False. False.  Society seems to have this idea that women cannot possibly entertain the idea of wanting to visit a brothel. Brothels are something only for men, and women don’t possess the desire to have an extremely sensual experience with another woman. This crazy idea circulates around and many times intimidates women into thinking that their feelings are wrong and that they should hide them. However, it’s about time that we change this idea and encourage rather than discourage women to visit brothels and have the time of their lives.”

So there you have it! This brings me to my final thoughts on all of this. I couldn’t help myself and I went there. I joined the group. Yup, I had to see what it was all about. Turns out, it’s a feminist group that has very specific views on prostitution. Those views land squarely on the side of, it’s not good for women in any form. Degrading, abusive, mostly forced, etc. I’m guessing they have research to support this and for the most part, I would tend to agree. Many women or even young girls are forced into sex work and it is not a good thing. However, I will say that for any lesbian who wants to start their own female to female escort service, more power to you!


As for writing a book about lesbian prostitutes, I admit the idea is very intriguing and well, you know me, I’ll probably take that on as a project because it’s just the kind of story I would choose to write. Unconventional.  Oh hey, that reminds me…Unconventional Lovers is truly the best book I’ve ever written and I honestly think you won’t be disappointed if you gave it a try. You can also find all my other books by clicking one of the links below. Happy reading.

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12 thoughts on “Lesbian Prostitutes?

  1. I’m amazed. Nice to read your take on this, and in researching the subject. I never quite thought about it in this manner, though I can say that I would definitely read a book with the content.


  2. I wrote on that topic. We released a book several years ago, Gigolo Girl. It’s a romantic comedy. One of our funniest!


  3. I adore you more and more every blog and post I read. You make me laugh over and over. Keep your chin up and the ideas whirling around…there’s a book in that head, you just have to find that author that says…fuck’em bubba. 🙂


  4. Annette you always amaze me. You can write a good blog on any subject matter. This was actually interesting. Research is the key. Thanks for a good blog. ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, Annette! How you bring such humor, and in this case, lustful fantasies. Yes, I’d take call girl Jessica Clark anytime. If you don’t recall, she played Paris in the movie ‘A Perfect Ending.’ You’ve read my book, ‘Falling for Love: A Winter Romance,’ and you know Jordan is dark skinned from her Latin/Spanish/Mediterranean side. Ah, so now you know. I’m into brunettes with a tan. LOL. No worries. You’re safe with me. You’re married and a friend. But, I think I’ll watch ‘A Perfect Ending’ again after your teaser blog.


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