I am a weak, weak, woman…


I am a weak, weak, woman.  When I started this whole writing thing, I never in a million years thought I would, after 4 years, have 12 published novels. But….what I really never envisioned was writing a sequel. After jumping into the deep end with my flotation device (a co-writer), I wrote my first true sequel with Erin O’Reilly. Then I vowed…okay I’m done…are you happy now? I guess it’s like that first foray into lesbian sex, once was not enough!


Sure, I’d re-visited my characters in short stories like Nicky’s Christmas Miracle X3, Vampire Pussy Cat, The Thanksgiving Baby Caper and Who is Nicolas Clause, I argued that was like taking a toke on Marijuana but not inhaling. Then I got one step closer again…I snuck in references to previous books in a novel that is yet to come out called, The Book Addict. Not really a sequel, but damn that was the slippery slope into addiction.


All on my own, I got an idea for a new book that would be a sequel to The Book Addict. Honestly, this idea occurred to me without prompting for a sequel. And then in true Annette Mori fashion, I had to put in a twist to the whole notion of sequels and created what I’ve been calling a Semash. Because…not only is this book a sequel to The Book Addict, but it also weaves in the characters from Asset Management and the true sequel to that book, The Organization. Can it get more convoluted than that? It sure can…because a month or so ago, I started writing another Semash. But this time, the main focus is a continuation of the Asset Management series, with some tangential mention of characters in The Book Addict and the sequel, The Book Witch. Are any of you keeping this straight…because I’m not. But then again, I’m not straight, so there you have it!


Now, I’m seriously considering another book to follow The Dream Catcher. Why? Because I can’t quite let go of those characters. Thus, the conclusion, I am a weak, weak, woman giving in to my newly developed addiction: sequel or series writing! Who knows, maybe I will make Elle Hyden happy and do a follow-up novel to Out of This World….


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3 thoughts on “I am a weak, weak, woman…

  1. You crack me up, Annette. You know, I got bitten by the sequel bug early on. To date, I have two trilogies (one finishing up the beginning of next month), one series started, and have thoughts about another very long series brewing away in my mind cauldron. It’s definitely a slippery slope, but that’s okay, right? You enjoy it. 😀


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