A Different Kind of Badass

This week’s blog is going to be relatively short because I still got a whole weekend left to celebrate with my wife. Apparently turning 60 is a big deal to her….gonna go with the flow and eke out every little bit of pampering I can get! But that is not the topic I want to talk about this week.


So…I write badass characters and they are some of my favorite characters to write. When people think of badass characters, they think of Val in The Organization. And yes, Val is a total badass. But, I also consider Toni, Dani, and a new character, Katrina that I will introduce in Compound Interest coming out in December badasses for a different reason. Those characters are all genius eggheads. My idea of an intellectual badass, which is just as appealing to me.


Now, I’m about to introduce a whole different kind of badass in Pleasure Workers. Can a person be a badass in the bedroom? In my humble opinion, you bet your hiney she can!  There are three total badasses in the bedroom in The Trophy Wives Club and Pleasure Workers and they are able to make their clients sing the Gospel. I know very inappropriate of me to use that as an analogy…but hey sometimes I cross the line.  Apologies to anyone I’ve offended.


So…badasses come in many forms.  Another stereotype that I think needs changing is that all badass women tend to run on the butch side.  I have to admit that my biggest badass of all, Val, did tend toward the butch side. Alex, in Pleasure Workers, is also very butch and is good at two things: fixing things and pleasuring women. But Marley, in The Trophy Wives Club certainly isn’t.


This morning I read a funny post from Isabella who posed an interesting question. If a lesbian can’t do something mechanical like changing a tire, they lose their butch card, so what would a femme have to do to lose hers?  At first, I didn’t have an answer, then I thought of this:

The femme would squint at the flat tire, give her lover a gentle push and say, “Move over babe, I got this.” She would proceed to kick off her high heels, pull up her dress, squat down, and then change the tire. When she was done, she would reapply her make-up. Her butch lover would quirk her brow and the femme would answer, “What, did I mess up my make-up?”


So there you have it…badasses come in many shapes, styles, and personalities!  If you want to read about all of my badasses, check out the links below. Pleasure Workers comes out on September 1st.  Make sure you check out Ali Spooner’s book first, The Trophy Wives Club. Pleasure Workers is as close to erotica as I will ever get.

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This morning I read a post that made me laugh and I had to think

4 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Badass

  1. OMG this post is brilliant. Intellectual badass- Thank you for helping to break all the labels we tend to put on people. I laughed so hard at the femme changing a tire but yelled yes as I was reading it. And YES celebrate big with all the pampering, Not because of the year only, birthdays just remind us of the precious gift life is, celebrate you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Pam


  2. I love your perspective here and I 100% agree. My favorite cup here at home is an oversized coffee mug I got at the GCLS con in Pittsburgh that shows an owl in a bowtie on one side and it says, “Nerd? I prefer the term ‘Intellectual Bad Ass.'” So true!


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