Summer is here!


Summer has finally landed in our neck of the woods. I was worried because we were having unseasonably cold and rainy weather, but now it’s unseasonably hot. Go figure. Normally, temperatures in the upper nineties would not bother me one bit, but this year is different.


Our beloved pool is closed due to Coronavirus…even though it’s really easy to stay 6 feet away from another person. It’s not like this is a public pool where people flock to it. I began to wonder about how effective the chlorine and high temperatures are on the raging virus. Apparently not as effective as we were led to believe when the whole, ‘UV rays kill the virus’ mantra hit the airwaves. Just look at Florida, Texas and California. The sun is having zero effect on those states.


What’s a woman to do in 98-degree temperatures with no pool. I know that many of you are shaking your heads and asking why we don’t jump into the lake. The answer: Blue algae. The lake is closed. Plus, the lake is gross in the summer. I predict this will be a very strange summer.


Even though the pool is closed, I’m not really complaining. My wife and I have our health. We’re retired and got to take our maiden RV journey before other states closed themselves to us risky Washitonians. And, it’s still summer. My favorite season.


The pandemic will undoubtedly change how we celebrate summer. I’ll have more time to write to congressmen and yell at the television. I’ll admit, I’m leary of joining large crowds. There is still a virus out there that I don’t want to take a chance at getting and/or spreading. However, I have more hope today than I’ve had in a long time. Maybe this time, the protests will result in meaningful change. Yes, I am an optimist at times. However, it is sad that so many have to lose their lives because of this Administration’s complete incompetence during a crisis. I keep yelling, wear a damn mask you selfish pricks.


My lovely wife keeps supplying me with Mojitos, and let me just say, they are the perfect summer beverage…cool and refreshing. Our RV is clean and ready to go again. Hopefully, Oregon, who has not had a spike in Coronavirus cases, which let us in when we travel there in July for more possible upgrades to the RV.


Meanwhile, I’m back to writing again. Whew, I really thought I might be done, but I guess I have more to say. I hope y’all will be on the lookout for my book that will be released later this summer titled, One Shot at Love. It seems that I’m always a little delayed when addressing particular social issues. This one deals with the controversial topic of meaningful gun legislation, which hasn’t received much air time lately. I still think it is an issue for our country to grapple with, but we have so many more pressing issues to resolve. I feel a little out of pace. Such is the life of a writer who doesn’t have the talent to put a book out in mere months. I began this one several years ago. Sigh…In the meantime, feel free to check out my other novels, subtext with various social issues is a common occurrence!


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