Lady Grimm Anthology…Boo!

I am so pleased to announce that yesterday the Lady Grimm Anthology, a collection of stories from thirteen (hopefully a lucky number in this instance) best selling WLW authors went on pre-sale. The official release date is October 8th, and y’all are not going to want to miss this awesome collection.

I figured what better way to entice all of you than sharing 13 snippets to tease you into submission! Without further ado here they are:

With emphasis spoken upon each word, the voice said again, “It is time, Char.”

She didn’t want to. In fact, she willed herself not to yet it still happened. Her head turned and rested on the woman who stood barefoot leaning against the bent post. Her slender, dark-chocolate arms were exposed with the black tank she wore. They were adorned with tightly wound leather gris gris. “Vini jwenn mwen,” she said. —The Calling of Serafine by CD Cain

The cold alerted me at first. My brain suggested I’d left a window open, but I only had one of those and it was in the bathroom and tiny, so I pulled the blanket closer around my shoulders. 

“Wake up!” 

My eyes flew open. The last puff of air from the words washed over my skin as I stared into a pale face. It was so close that I couldn’t see beyond the eyes; black like scorched earth. — The Price of Pleasure by KJ

Chase pulled off the side of the wooded, country road, and Jamie squinted as she peered through the trees. Even with her glasses, she couldn’t see anything noteworthy. But somewhere through that wilderness was a cave with a potential miracle mold inside. And maybe a place to pee. She really should have gone when they passed the Miscellaneous Everything store ten miles back. — Sample 27 by Serena J. Bishop

Marcella backed away from the table. She held one finger from each hand in the shape of a cross between herself and Shannon. “No. Don’t go. Isla de arañas is bad place.” She turned her back to them, hustled toward the hostess stand, and whispered into the hostess’s ear while pointing back toward their table.

“What was that all about?” Becky asked.

“I don’t know,” Shannon said. “What did she call it, isla de something. Do you know what that means?”

Becky’s face twisted into a scowl. “I’m not sure, my Spanish isn’t that good, but I think it means the island of spiders.” — Spider Island by Ocean

“You call it state’s rights, I call it slavery. This house is named after a traitor to the Army and to his country who believed in slavery over all else.”  — Midnight Slain in Georgia by Anne Hagan

In retrospect, sitting mostly-naked in the girls’ locker room listening to the senior class president lament about the breakup of her third marriage was not something I had on my High School Reunion Bingo Card, but then again, neither was nearly dying in a bridge collapse. — Bad Moon Rising by Lila Bruce

Staring up at the enormous old Victorian hotel, I realize this might be the most depressing place I’ve ever been. It’s white, or at least it must have been white in its glory days. Now, it’s stained by the weather and years of corrosion. A swing is hanging down from a big, dead sycamore tree next to it, and the way it moves in the wind unsettles me. Its back-and-forth sway is too static, too fast to be natural, and it makes my heart beat so violently I can feel it in my throat.

Emma glances at it for a moment when I point it out, then shakes her head. “It’s just the wind.” She doesn’t stop walking and neither do I. Now that I’m close, it’s like I’m being drawn to the building, my curiosity winning over my fear. — The Grand Malum by Lise Gold

I was beginning to unpack, when I heard a knock at the front door of the cabin. I skipped down the stairs, excited to meet my new housemate. Veronica made it to the door before me and when she opened it, I was stopped dead in my tracks. It was her. I could never forget that strawberry blonde hair and light skin sprinkled with freckles. Even after seven years, she still looked exactly the same, albeit more mature and a bit more developed. But there was no denying that it was her. I could never forget Summer Burke, no matter how hard I tried. And, boy, had I tried. —Ex Rated by Erica Lee

The noise started, rumbling up the drive, chains rattling and horse hooves pounding to the beat of her heart. Determined to put a stop to the shenanigans, Vanity ran out the front door as the sound stopped at the hen house and threw all her chickens off their roosts. She didn’t run to the chicken coop. She ran to the front gate. She planned to be waiting for the culprits when they came down the drive. Vanity was halfway to the gate when she heard the sound bearing down on her. She drew her gun and turned to face the menace. To her amazement nothing was there. Nothing at all. —Haunting Vanity by Erin Wade

Bree looked up at the striking woman holding the kitten and asked, “Can I pet the kitten, please?”

“You can. This is Onyx, and he only bites rats. You’re not a rat, are you?”

Sadie pushed her small body forward. “Does he eat bats? I’m a Batwoman.”

The woman smiled, and her gleaming white fangs were both beautiful and alarming to Val. “Nope, only rats, and I only bite bad guys. Are any of you bad?”

“Sometimes people say my mommy is a total badass,” Bree offered as an explanation. — Witches and Vampires and Shifters, Oh My by Annette Mori

As they came up the steps of the porch, they sniffed. The horrific smell turned off like a faucet, and the same delicate, sweet smell teased their nostrils. Then they noticed her. She sat with her back turned, rocking slowly as twisted, aged fingers wrapped around the end of the armrest with long fingernails carving into the wood. Her once amber hair thinned on the top of her head with her scalp glistening in the heat. She hummed a soft tune to the beat of the wind and faced the fields where the skies darkened and lightning struck. Emma stepped forward but got stopped by her words. “There’s a storm coming. The sunflowers need feeding.” The elder’s head twisted, causing Emma to stumble back into Jo. Old eyes covered in white film stared in her direction, but they never met Emma’s. Not until a tilt of the head, a lift of the chin, and the old woman’s eyes bore into Emma’s soul.  The woman spoke again, “You best get inside. They’re hungry tonight. They saw you watching them, Emma.” —The Town of Sunflower Fields by LL Shelton

The moon shone down, and there was plenty of light on her darkened balcony to see Quinn watching her closely. “You said you’ve seen Cat People. But, I’m a big wuss and never watched any horror flicks after being scared shitless by The Shining when I was young. When I met Irene a year and a half ago, I had no clue that I would get caught up in some eerily parallel version of that movie myself. — Cat People by Elle Hyden

Looking in the mirror behind the bar, I take in the scene behind me. The place is festive with ghouls, vampires, princesses, and superheroes. Then, off to the left, something catches the corner of my eye. Looking harder, I see a man in black standing at the edge of one of the larger groups. Or at least I assume it’s a man from the height of him and the breadth of his shoulders, but I can’t be entirely sure. His face is under a mask so black it gives the appearance he has no face at all. It’s a good costume, albeit simple. The outfit is nothing too flashy or overdone. Just black. Maybe that’s why it works so well because I feel a nervous tightening in my stomach as I look at him. Although he appears to be engaged in conversation with someone in the group, there is something I find unsettling about his appearance. Can a costume be too scary? As if he feels my stare, the stranger looks over to meet my eyes in the mirror, and although I quickly avert my gaze, I know it is not quick enough. — Anniversary by KC Luck

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve shared it everywhere. Started reading my author copy on my tablet last night…in bed, since the wife is away for a couple of days. It’s okay that I left the TV on most of the night, for light, no sound, right?


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