Flipping is Good

As spitting nails mad as I am at Lindsey Graham for flip flopping on his very public position of not putting forth a Supreme Court candidate in the final year of a Presidency, I can think of other instances where it has been good. And, let’s be honest, both sides of the isle do it whenever it is convenient to their political career. I hate that, but it is politics.

Sometimes, those political flip flops make sense because without them, we would not progress as a nation. Probably the most famous flip flop was when Abraham Lincoln broke his promise with the Emancipation Proclamation and launched the civil war when the south seceded. Originally he stated in his inaugural address that sending federal troops within the states would be the “gravest of errors”.

Another famous flip was Franklin D. Roosevelt who campaigned on promises to roll back federal spending and cut extraneous government agencies. Then came the new deal. Thankfully, he proudly stated that he would try new things if old ideas didn’t work. And, frankly, the new deal worked.

Thank the Goddess for those white supremacist haters who flipped their positions like Derek Black and Megan Phelps-Roper (I’ve written about her below is a part of her Ted Talk). This gives me hope that the craziness in our country will eventually flip again.

Flipping the Senate will be incredible and I am seriously counting on that happening. Even if we have to add more Supreme Court seats or introduce term limits, I hope we will eventually even out the inevitable acutely lopsided Supreme Court. Politics is unfortunately about flipping antiquated views because we learn that what we are doing is simply not working. For all the regression our country has recently undergone, we simply cannot continue down this path. If we don’t flip the pancake, it will burn. Can you smell the smoke? It’s time to flip and let the pendulum swing once again. The fires in the West should be a wake up call to everyone, along with all the other hints that Mother Nature is royally pissed and we need to flip before it is too late.

I am honestly depending on self-preservation, good old fashioned protests, and social upheaval to ensure our country gets back on track. Even if we have to suffer through the kind of flip flopping hypocrisy coming out of the right, let’s cheer on whatever good flipping is in the cards for this country down the road. We simply have to let our voices be heard. Come November, let the flipping begin! And now, to flip to my standard promo…click the links below to check out my books!

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4 thoughts on “Flipping is Good

  1. I thought for sure when I saw Roosevelt’s name, that you were going to mention his flip flopping on the US entering WWII. He originally wanted to keep the US out of that war, but understandably, his opinion changed when Japan attacked. To me, that was a very sensible flip flop.

    I do hope the Democrats will barrel through any measures that will balance out the Supreme Court – and government in general – since Mitch McConnell and Trump decided the rules didn’t apply to them.


  2. i hate talking politics. everyone has their views. none of them are wrong views, its a matter of perception. the biggest problem is, we dont know 99% of what goes on inside Congress, & the politicians want it that way least we vote all of them out, regardless of party affiliation. Look at George Wallace. staunch democrat, they had to threaten to arrest him to get him out of the way to allow black college students into university after desegegation. . at one point, lincoln said to one of the leading black activists, maybe they should leave. (PBS documentary on Lincoln, civil war & abolitionists). The New Deal?? the government outlawed ponzi schemes ( pyramid funding) & then used it themselves to fund government programs. government didnt want private people/industies screwing with their funding source, taxpayers by taking /stealing peoples money, which they did ( 1929 crash) . I voted trump out. hes screwed things up so badly takes decades to fix, but hes not solely at fault. theres 535 represenatives, 100 senators & career buracrats that do it to.


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