Renewed Hope…

On Wednesday the historic event we’ve all been waiting for went on without a hitch. In fact, I believe the inauguration was spectacular in more ways than one. From the poet laurate to all the performers who came out to celebrate, the United States proved that despite the challenges we would move forward and prove the naysayers wrong. Biden and Harris did not need to have their egos fed with the “biggest crowd ever” lie, nor did they let the pandemic keep them from setting the standard for the new reality. Virtual was every bit as awesome as a live crowd. And…how about those fireworks?

Certainly, I am not naïve enough to think that everything will now be unicorns and rainbows. This isn’t a lesbian romance with a guaranteed happily ever after. But, for now, we are on the right track. I am now walking around with a pep to my step. Yup, pep to my step. Let me say that several times because it rolls off the tongue very nicely. It helped that we were able to watch everything from afar, hoping and praying that nothing would happen to extend the craziness and violence we all watched on January 6th.

Did anyone register that four years ago it was a gloomy day on January 20th at the capitol, but for this inauguration the sun shined brightly. If that isn’t a message from the Goddesses, I’m not sure what else is? Let that be what guides us for the next four years, and hopefully beyond.

I am not sure what that means for my writing, but at least I am feeling more inspired lately. That patch of blue is within visibility. The doom and gloom may very well blow away, and the sun is shining again. In the meantime, I have a backlist for you to check out and a recent happily ever after unique romance that is getting outstanding reviews!

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