Easter Eggs

Yeah, I know the next holiday coming up is Valentines Day, but you know me…gotta operate outside the rails. Besides, this blog isn’t about Easter. For those of you who might not know what literary Easter eggs are, let me share what I found on the internet. Here is my favorite description of a literary Easter egg: “An extra layer to an object, action, piece of dialogue or character in a story which may be hidden to many readers, but which provides those in the know with a little extra kick of pleasure because they’ve got the intended reference.”

Some of the most famed books with Easter eggs include: The Davinci Code (duh…it would make sense that author loves hiding Easter eggs), The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter Series, Through the Looking Glass, and the Fellowship of the Ring, just to name a few. I am sure there are many more. For literary giants in the lesfic/WLW world, Lee Winter has admitted to putting Easter eggs in her books.

Without even knowing it, I started placing Easter eggs in my books. I’d never heard of this until one of my beta readers pointed it out in a Facebook post. She mentioned enjoying the Easter egg in one of my books and I had to look it up. Many years later she posted about this concept again and that’s what prompted this blog. Apparently, I am not the only lesfic author to hide Easter eggs in my books. In fact, many authors do this!

The first time I placed an Easter egg in a story was in my contribution to the anthology, Conference Call. Then because I had so much fun with that, I snuck one into Unconventional Lovers. After that it became an almost obsession and I placed Easter eggs into several other books including: The Book Addict, A Window to Love, The Book Witch, The Panty Thief, One Shot at Love, and in a round about way, Inspiration Takes a Vacation. I’m not going to tell you exactly what those Easter Eggs are, but if you’ve read many or most of my books, you may be able to find them. Or, if you know anything about me, you will definitely find a few of them! I wonder how many readers look for those Easter eggs or know they even exist. I also wonder how many other authors hide Easter eggs in their stories. I’d love to hunt for them! If you want to search for my Easter eggs, you know the drill…just click on the links below. Happy hunting!

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2 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. Annette, This post is out bright and early on Friday. Knowing you are on vacation I don’t know if I should be blessed for the blog or sad you are working on Vacation. In any case I was not thinking Easter eggs when I read your books, guess I better reread. Well that sound like a good plan. Pam. xxc


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