Let’s Talk Orgasms!

Everyone who follows my blogs knows how much I love to do research. As a romash (combination romance and another subgenre) writer, I’ve had to do a lot of research on any number of things, including sex. Physical research is not the only method of learning how to write a good sex scene. However, believe it or not, until today, I’ve never researched orgasms. Perhaps I should have considering I struggle quite a bit while writing a new and innovative sex scene that hasn’t used the same old, same old words for body parts and sensations. It’s bloody hard to think up new ways to describe intimacy.

While doing research for this blog, I came across this article that said there are eleven different orgasms. Eleven! Yup you read that right. Now, I’m smart enough to know there is more than one type, but eleven? Before I wrote a sex scene for Pleasure Workers I tried to do research on the different ways to please a woman and came across the alphabet soup of spots, learning there was more than a G-Spot. If you want to know more about that, of course there is an old blog on that with a brief mention of when I talked about this at GCLS…here is the link: https://wordpress.com/post/annettemoriauthor.com/4925

Rather than go into great detail, I am going to give a brief summary of the eleven different orgasms and provide a link to the article: https://www.health.com/condition/sexual-health/different-types-of-orgasms-0 Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Clitoral Orgasm – An old standard that is probably described most in books.
  2. G-Spot Orgasm – Definitely another fan favorite.
  3. Blended Orgasm – Find multiple erogenous zones like combining one and two and you’ve got the blended orgasm. This is also a popular orgasm to incorporate into a WLW sex scene.
  4. Anal Orgasm – Only the brave go there in WLW Romance…apparently this is not every woman’s cup of tea.
  5. Deep Vaginal Orgasm – Back to the alphabet soup of spots – this one hits both the A-spot and O-spot where fingers or a toy fills the vagina enough and hits those spots…yup you guessed it…deep vagina orgasm. Although this is definitely part of WLW sex scenes in many books when several fingers or toys are incorporated…I am not sure there is ever a lot of detail included to where exactly fingers or toys must go to reach this intense orgasm.
  6. Squirting Orgasm – Two words…female ejaculation. I rarely read about this one.
  7. Cervical Orgasm – I have no bloody idea…unfortunately the article did not go into great detail on this. Since the cervix is far back in the vagina…I am assuming that long fingers or a large dildo is required. More research is needed on this one.
  8. Nipple Orgasm – On a few occasions, I’ve read in romance books about this, but also not very common. I would suspect the reason for this is that not all women can achieve Nipple Orgasms. There is great variety among women regarding the level of sensitivity in their nipples.
  9. Exercise Orgasm – I exercise every day for an hour…hmmm…maybe I should increase that to two hours. This is also referred to as a coregasm and honest, it’s real. Apparently while doing core-based exercises you can achieve orgasm. Just super squeeze those PC muscles. I have never read about this one in a romance book!
  10. Sleep Orgasm – Some women, unfortunately not all, can have an orgasm during an erotic dream. I can’t remember reading this in a romance book…sure erotic dreams are common, but normally the books have not described the person having an actual orgasm in the dream…maybe after the dream when the woman got a little help from their own hand…that has been more typical.
  11. Multiple Orgasm – Only women can achieve this because unlike men women don’t experience a refractory period…so the research says. I am not sure this is accurate. I know plenty of women who insist they do have a refractory period and cannot achieve multiple orgasms. However, this is also a fan favorite and with all those really talented lovers out there and this is very common in WLW books.

So…there you have it, the truth about orgasms. Although this helps to perhaps liven up a book with one of the more uncommon types of orgasms…it hasn’t quite helped with how to actually describe the sensations…hmmm…more research, I suppose!

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