Boxers or Briefs

So, I was going to write about how the CDC has now come out with new guidelines that include not wearing a mask anymore if you are fully vaccinated, which we are…but then I am so dang sick of COVID, I decided not to go there. I looked back on suggestions made a week ago when I was stuck on a topic and ding, ding, ding…Kim Dyke suggested I do one on Boxers or Briefs. I thought, why the hell not, that’s as good a topic as any other lame blog I’ve done in the past.

Of course I did a little research on the topic and found out that boxers first came about in 1925 and were designed for…wait for it…yup, you guessed it…for boxers. You know the guys who punch each other in the face hoping to knock out their opponent. Everlast designed a trunk with an elastic band that gave boxers room to move around. They used to wear tights fastened with leather belts. However, boxers were not very popular in the 20th century until they were issued by the military in World War II. Men preferred their long johns because they offered more support. Briefs eventually replaced the Victorian-era flannel long johns.

You don’t have to go far to find evidence of working class lesbians in the 50’s wearing boxers or briefs in lesbian fiction. The iconic Stone Butch Blues has a passage where the main character mentions her jockeys as she recounts her arrest for the “three pieces of clothing” law. Yes, women could get arrested if they weren’t wearing three articles of women’s clothing. I suspect that lesbians have been wearing boxers or briefs for as long as men, and their popularity among lesbians who identify as more on the butch side is fairly well documented in various surveys and articles.

Unfortunately, I could not find any evidence of which was preferred by women…boxers or briefs. So, I will just have to weigh in on this particular debate and give you my personal thoughts on the matter. I used to wear boxers to bed at night because they are comfortable, but most of the time no clothing at all, especially in the summer is my current preference. With tight jeans or pants, boxers don’t work for me, because they bunch up, so briefs are definitely preferable in clothing that is more form fitting. However, the ultimate winner, especially since I’ve retired is commando. Underwear of any kind is simply unnecessary in my humble opinion now that I’m not wearing any work clothes or clothing that has the potential to rub against my sensitive parts! Thus the question of boxers or briefs is a false forced choice because I’m adding a third option to the age old argument…commando all the way.

A few years back I wrote a light-hearted romance called, The Panty Thief, and since most of my books do contain at least one sex scene, I suppose it would be interesting to do a survey regarding what my characters prefer…boxers or briefs. I’ll let y’all figure that out by…you got it…clicking on the links below! Don’t forget about this week’s My Lesfic sales. Once again there are books from Natalie London and Samantha Hicks featured this week, Search for the White Moon and Before the Light.

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