Summer Is Almost Here…

You would think that summer is here in my neck of the woods because the temperatures have reached triple digits. Yup 100 degrees the other day, well into the nineties yesterday and expected for today as well. The heat has put a strain on many things, including our plants and the new kittens. Poor mama meowed pitifully at me the other day as if to say, “Can’t you please do something about the heat, magic hooman who feeds us?”

Thankfully we have a pool. In preparation for the summer, I downloaded many new books to keep me occupied at the pool. I either dip into the pool and then read while cooled down or hang out on my floatie for an hour or two, then emerge to dry off and read before going back inside to our air conditioned place on the lake. Summer is what I call outdoor reading season. But there was a kink in my plans.

In preparation for the vast amount of reading I planned to do while collecting my daily dose of vitamin D, I bought a solar charger. Since I have an older iPhone and iPad, both lose their battery charge very quickly, especially when I periodically flip to the Internet using my phone as a hotspot. However, with the high temperatures, even the solar charger became overheated. So did my phone. I could not download my latest book to read on my Kindle app. At first I thought it was my cell phone company choking down my signal because I’d used too much data. But that wasn’t it because I have the highest unlimited plan available and did not even put a dent in my data plan for the month. The culprit…the sun. It overheated my phone which was in the shade in my bag. That is how hot it was.

We plan on making another long journey in our RV this year and are leaving a month later than last year. Maybe that isn’t the greatest plan since our journey takes us to Florida again this year to visit my father and other friends. If the air conditioning in the RV has problems…we’re screwed. We learned a lot last year…I suppose this year’s lesson will be how to use the air conditioning judiciously to avoid issues. We will undoubtedly have to re-create the issue we had last year when we turned it on for several hours in triple digit weather at the Gorge. Thankfully, the issue was a simple blown fuse. Everything so far that has gone wrong with the RV were simple issues to fix, but that did not stop us from having a hell of a time trying to figure them out until trial and error and a whole lot of Internet research led us to the solution.

Hopefully, all of you are enjoying the pre-summer heat and sun. If you need something to read, you know the drill, just click on the links below! Don’t forget about this week’s MyLesfic sales. One of my favorite writers who is a gem that not everyone has found yet, has two of her books on sale. I absolutely love her wit and humor and I guarantee you will as well. Check out, Taming the Wolff and Malodorous by Del Robertson. Also, I just read JM Dragon’s new novella and it has a bad ass Knight in it. Sooooo good. Check out her latest, The Black Knight and the Lady!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Is Almost Here…

  1. Well, hope you do a photo “montage” of your travels!!!! that picture of you under the RV and all we see is the cargo shorts and shoes is priceless. Annette the mechanic!!! love it!!!


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