CRS…Can’t Remember Shit Revisited…

I’ve been taking some time off of writing but wondered if that is such a good idea. You see, lately, my wife and I have had several senior moments. I vaguely recall doing a previous blog on memory loss, but alas I don’t really remember! The most recent senior moment is quite humorous if one chooses to see it that way. We’ve been preparing for our second major RV journey across the US and also have been talking about a big trip we want to take with other RV friends to Alaska next year. Since stuff always goes wrong, we like to have extra parts so we can replace things on the fly. We know what to stock up on, but what we can’t seem to remember is what we’ve already squirreled away. Here’s how the conversation went….sort of…because remember…I can’t really remember shit!

My wife: We should carry an extra propane regulator, a C02 monitor, and a fire detector. I thought you were going to order an extra propane generator. (Last year I replaced the propane regulator, and after tightening all the bolts to our batteries, I replaced the C02 Monitor yesterday.)

Me: I was. [I grab my iPad to put in the order.] I guess I forgot. I’ll order one and maybe get another C02 monitor.

My wife: Well we don’t need one now, but we will for Alaska.

[I start searching past orders and find an order that was delivered on May 16th of this year! Because if I don’t jump on something right this minute, I’ll forget.]

Me: Um, I did order the propane regulator. It says it was delivered on May 16th. Maybe you can check to see if it is in the RV?

[My wife shakes her head and heads to the RV. She mumbles something about us not remembering anything and how we are quite the pair with our shitty memories.]

Sure enough, it was in the RV. So here’s what I’m thinking…I better start writing again before I can’t remember how to string two words together! Maybe my friends with who I’ve shared my ideas for upcoming books will remind me of those ideas before they go “poof” before my very eyes! I just might have to return to my WIP about a retired couple who buy a ghost town to create a sapphic retirement community. Perhaps I will include diminished memories for both characters…write what you know…that’s advice that is often given!

As with most everything, I laughed at this minor blip in our memories. I choose to find humor in our waning memories. Either one of us will eventually remember…or we will depend on the black and white evidence of our previous purchases. I’ve started relying heavily on spreadsheets. They are a great tracking tool for everything from which books have been submitted for sales to where we plan on staying for our upcoming RV journey. Normally, I like to be more spontaneous, but that doesn’t always work out so well if you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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2 thoughts on “CRS…Can’t Remember Shit Revisited…

  1. My wife and I also struggle with the memory issue. I am older and sometimes I cannot remember where I put things. I end up buying an item a second time. That guarantees we will find the original item! Including memory lapses in a character would be great!


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