Not a Pantster in Life

I’ve often talked about how I am a total pantster as a writer. I definitely fly by the seat of my pants as I write a book. I’ll have a general idea and then just let the writing take me wherever. What is so odd about this is that in everything else in my life, I am a total OCD planner. Now…my wife would argue with this because she is way more OCD than I am, but the proof is in how I make lists about what groceries are needed for our big RV trip, plan the route and put everything on a spreadsheet, including miles to the next stop and how long it will take, as well as other details and notes about the places we are staying.

I also very deliberately planned my retirement, including doing everything our financial planner advised. Apparently, we are the golden couple and they use us as a model for how everyone should plan for retirement! Yes…I absolutely did puff out my chest in pride.

Today is the day we leave for our 6 week RV Book Tour and we are both so excited. Along the way, we get to meet up with many friends. And… I get to meet for the first time a bunch of readers that I communicate with on Facebook. Okay…maybe a bunch is stretching the truth just a tad…Perhaps I will pick up a few more Facebook friends if I continue to post our journey…so I’ll post the map again…just in case someone decides to direct message me and let me know they would like to meet! Even though I am an introvert…I do well with small groups or one or two people. I have promised myself that I will be a lot better about doing at least a very short Facebook live at every stop on the book journey!

Don’t forget to check out the MyLesfic sale books from Affinity Authors. The very talented S. Anne Gardner has her very memorable book, Cold and Lonely, Very Lovely Work of Art (Black Angel Book One) on sale and the other great author Dannie Marsden is offering her book, Rayne Comes to Town (love that Rayne series).

For those who have followed me and support me, I thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. I am so blessed to have readers who are so supportive. To those who are still finding me and have one book, I do have a backlist to check out…you know the drill, just click the links below.

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