Summer 21 RV Book Tour

Sometimes I get hairbrained ideas and I suppose time will tell if this is one of them. As we prepare for our long RV road trip, I added a layer of complication to the trip by offering to do live readings, sign and give away books along the way. I suppose I should have consulted with my wife on this. I didn’t. She’s such a good sport and has been rolling with it (pun intended). Fortunately, only two stops have evolved into something major, requiring a bit more planning and work. One already has five other authors willing to join the madness, so I hope we draw a decent crowd or they may all shun me at future GCLS conferences! In case you haven’t heard about the event in Georgia, Denise Judge and I managed to get D Jackson Leigh, RJ Samuel, CD Cain and Lila Bruce to join us, after Denise kindly offered her beautiful venue, Fritz Farm. It happens to be on a weekday, so we’ve made the readings start a little later (7:00pm) to give everyone time to arrive in Cordele, Georgia. See Flyer below and mark the date on your calendar (July 14th). This Midwest/Pacific Westerner is going to try to melt into the Southern scene and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Another major (well…major in my little pea brain) is my stop the night before in Easley, South Carolina where the talented McGee Mathews lives. She is also offering to put together a fancy smancy live reading with maybe a live band! We are still looking for other authors who might live around that area to join us. Along the way, I’ve been in communication with a few other authors and will for sure try to get Ali Spooner to join me on a read in Pensacola, Florida as we crash at our friends, Gail and Deb’s place. We’re also stopping in Eureka Springs, Arkansas where the talented, Patricia Evans will do a reading with me. In Nancy, Kentucky, I hope to talk Darla Baker, the brainchild of Stone Soup Community Press, into a live reading. Others that I might connect up with include Caitriona Paige and Adrian Smith in Colorado Springs, who I believe will do live readings with me. We leave next Friday and I have vowed to be a lot better at posting on our journey. As long as I leave my wife out of the live FB posts, she won’t grumble too much! She also won’t grumble as long as we stick to the places we had planned on stopping at with limited flexibility. Florida is where family lives, so we may be able to stray as long as it is part of our route from Cape Coral to Pensacola, Florida. I know that a few kind readers have offered a library read or other place to gather in Florida, but that would require a trip too far east and out of our way. Soooo…if anyone else wants to join the fun, below is the itinerary!

Don’t forget about the two sale books from Affinity Authors, Erica Lawson and S. Anne Gardner: Out of Retirement and Til There Was You.

Now…don’t y’all get distracted by this shiny new object…because I still have loads of books on sale for you to check out. You know the drill…just click on the links below. Give my narrator, Heidi Bindhammer some love by getting the audio version of Locked Inside! She did a great job and deserves the accolades. I’m hoping she will do more narrations for me but I suppose that depends on sales!

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