Ode to My Father

As many of you who follow me may know, I lost my father last Friday. While it was a very sad day for me and my family, we all wanted a peaceful passing for him because he was in so much pain in the end, and he had a very good life. As we reminisced and told not only Dad stories, but Mom, Grandmom and Grandad stories, I thought about the number of times I’ve woven bits and pieces of my parents and grandparents into stories. However, some of the best stories, have yet to be told. I guess that means I am not done writing until all those stories find their way into my books.

One of my father’s favorite things to do was to tell family stories, often about my grandmother who was quite a character. But I also learned that my father had gone fishing with Ernest Hemingway when he was a boy. As the story goes when he asked Mr. Hemingway what he did for a living, he replied, “I do a little writing.” In the end, he recycled a lot of those stories we had already heard, probably embellishing a few details here and there. It didn’t matter that we had already heard the same story at least a hundred times, because that is who my father was. He loved to entertain and was a great storyteller.

As we started the process of clearing out his house, we found letters he sent to my mother when they were apart back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Those were true treasures because it provided a glimpse into who he was as a young man. It was clear that my parents were very poor, but even more apparent was his love for us and my mother. Every single letter talked about missing us and Mom and looking forward to when Mom would return with us after a visit with my grandparents. Because he had to work and they were so poor, I imagine that Mom took us for a visit with our grandparents and that is why they were apart. I don’t really know. The letters were in the spring of 1959 and summer of 1963. It was also fascinating to read the language of the time. Since my father was a school psychologist, one letter spoke of a boy he had tested who he got into outpatient therapy. He mentioned the boy had “latent homosexual tendencies.” What I don’t know is if my father thought at the time he should have therapy because of those tendencies. I wish I could ask him about it, but I can’t now. Ultimately, we all believe that my mother is taking good care of him and someone has been sending us messages. The lights and fan have come on during odd times when nobody is near the remote. We are confident, Mom or Dad is trying to tell us they are fine and finally together again. The last ten years were hard on him without Mom.

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2 thoughts on “Ode to My Father

  1. Annette know that we are thinking i oh f you and hope you are doing well. We are currently helping Ali with the Estate sale of both Rhonda’s snd Rhonda’s Moms things. Kickoff at 0730 tomorrow morning.
    Just know we are thinking of you and wish you nothing but great memories and reminders of your parents and grandparents.


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