Lesbian Dolphins?

Yup, that’s right. Thanks to Lee Winter who posted an article about bottlenose dolphins. Apparently, dolphins have a perfectly functioning clitoris that they “make use of in creative lesbian sex.” Now, of course, what I want to know, is exactly what is creative lesbian sex? I mean, I think I know what lesbian sex is after nearly forty years of having it, but the “creative” part has me extremely curious. Could I learn a thing or two from one of my favorite marine mammals? In addition to this, I wondered are there other species that have sex for reasons other than procreation? What the researchers found is that these dolphins had clitorises that were similar to the human clitoris. Thus, those pervy scientists decided to study the sexual behavior of dolphins presuming that since the dolphin clitoris was so similar to humans, they must feel pleasure. So what’s the creative part all about? Unfortunately, Dolphins don’t have hands, tongues, or sex toys laying on the bottom of the sea at the ready. No strap-ons for the playful mammals. Instead, they will use their snouts (good thing they have the perfect dildo shape) or flippers to stimulate one another. And…this is a very common occurrence between two females. It’s also common for dolphins to masturbate. You go, girls! Can you just imagine what a scientist studying dolphins says they do for a living…”Oh, I basically watch dolphin porn all day long.”

Dolphins are not the only animals that enjoy sex. In my research, we can also count Bonobos and other primates. Bonobos are specifically known for their same-sex encounters. I suppose that makes sense since they are close physiologically to humans. Then there are short-nosed fruit bats who engage in oral sex to prolong their intimate time. I wonder if their short noses are also used as dildos? Oral sex has been observed in not only primates and short-nosed bats, but spotted hyenas, goats, bears, and sheep as well. Researchers also seem to believe that many felines enjoy sex. For example, a female lion may have sex one hundred times a day and with multiple partners. That might suggest that sex is for more than procreation because surely it takes less than one hundred times to get pregnant. Finally, after 238 hours of watching Japanese macaques (adorable golden-haired monkeys), the researchers concluded that the monkeys were having orgasms. Now, how in the hell did they know that? It’s not like they could ask the monkeys, “Was it good for you? You know did you, uh…” I guess the increased heart rate and vaginal spasms were their proof.

Currently, I am co-writing a book set in the Caribbean. There are dolphins in the story and it is very tempting to add something about two female dolphins having sex. I’ll have to ask Ali Spooner what she thinks. It seems like I am always adding odd little tidbits to my books. Want to find out all the other weird facts I add to my novels, you know the drill, click one of the links below. Don’t forget that Disconnected goes live tomorrow!

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