What’s on the Horizon in 2022

Well, it’s a new year, but the same old shit is happening in the world. After two brutal years, the US is still facing a major threat to our democracy and COVID is alive and well in a new form: Omicron. But I’d rather look forward to what is on the horizon for me and my hopes for the US and the world.

The way the writing world generally works is that the books you write in one year, generally get published the following year. That is true for two of my novels: Disconnected (due to be released any day now) and Georgetown Glen-Queermunity Living At Its Finest. The third novel, I am writing with my pal, Ali Spooner and is currently titled, Trouble in Paradise. This is the fourth book in the Trophy Wives Series. And oh my goodness, are we having fun writing this. Technically we started writing this at the end of December, but the book won’t be finished until a little later this year. The date of publication is unknown since we haven’t even finished the book yet.

My wife and I had hoped to travel more once we retired, but with COVID, our options were limited. That hasn’t stopped us from going to Mexico several times a year and making several RV trips. This year won’t be much different. The end of January through most of February we travel again to Mexico for the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Weekend (Brandi Carlile and friends concert). In late April/early May we travel to North Carolina for a writer’s retreat. While we are on the east coast, we will be meeting up with family to distribute my father and mother’s ashes in Baltimore. Finally, we’ll be taking our RV to New Mexico in July for the GCLS conference. Along the way, we hope to visit my old stomping ground, Flagstaff, Arizona and other sights in the Southwest. Depending on what happens with the stupid virus, we may also travel to Palm Springs in October for the LCLC conference and then possibly Japan in November. We’ve wanted to travel to Japan for two years now with our dear friend, Kimiko, who owns our favorite sushi restaurant. If the virus ever calms down, we’ll get our chance.

So what’s my hope for the rest of the year? Things aren’t looking good for democracy. I hope the January 6th committee finds a way to stop the impending madness and provides the truth over “the big lie”. I pray congress throws that hail mary pass, and voting rights legislation, which is sorely needed, will pass. It would be nice if more people chose to vaccinate so we can finally get COVID under control. And finally, please let either the Senate or the House remain in democratic control because Goddess help us all if it doesn’t.

Until Ali prodded me into writing the 4th book with her, I honestly thought I was done writing. So…here’s the bottom line, I can keep writing only as long as ideas come my way and people want to purchase my books or good pals prod me. If you are so inclined to check out my work, I would be eternally grateful, and that might just keep me writing! I won’t list all the books on sale tomorrow by Affinity authors, because there are a ton, but please check out the MyLesfic.com site because there is going to be a mega sale this week! Oh, and check out my author interview at Relationships Are Complicated: https://www.relationshipsarecomplicated.com/author-interview-with-annette-mori/

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