Be Careful What You Ask For…

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Nowhere is this more evident than what has been happening on the US political landscape. Immediately after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, the protests started, and the red tide began to turn. Clearly, the Republicans got what they asked for, but the impact is now being felt far and wide. I don’t think the Republicans are going to like the ultimate outcome when they can’t deliver both the House and Senate in November, partly due to overturning Roe vs. Wade, but also due to so much more.

The second example showed up in my news feed this past week when one of the books being challenged as not appropriate was none other than The Bible. Honestly, I had wondered about that myself. If you’re going to ban classics because of inappropriate content for children, I can’t imagine how reading about rape, incest, violence, etc. in the bible would be any more appropriate. Don’t believe me? Check out the following passages:

  • “You also took the fine jewelry I gave you, the jewelry made of my gold and silver, and you made for yourself male idols and engaged in prostitution with them.” (Ezekiel 16:17) Um…dildos!
  • “If two men, a man and his countryman, are struggling together, and the wife of one comes near to deliver her husband from the hand of the one who is striking him, and puts out her hand and seizes his genitals, then you shall cut off her hand; you shall not show pity.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12) Can you say menage a trois?
  • “When she carried on her whoring so openly and flaunted her nakedness, I turned in disgust from her, as I had turned in disgust from her sister. Yet she increased her whoring, remembering the days of her youth, when she played the whore in the land of Egypt and lusted after her lovers there, whose members were like those of donkeys, and whose issue was like that of horses. Thus you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when the Egyptians handled your bosom and pressed your young breasts.” (Ezekiel 23:18-21) Dicks and boobs…come on, really?
  • “Say to David, ‘The king wants no other price for the bride than a hundred Philistine foreskins, to take revenge on his enemies.’” (1 Samuel 18:20-30) All I can say is ouch…
  • “Our father is old, and there is no man around here to give us children — as is the custom all over the earth. Let’s get our father to drink wine and then sleep with him and preserve our family line through our father.” (Genesis 19:30) Um…incest…how is this appropriate?
  • “And when she had brought them unto him to eat, he atook hold of her, and said unto her, Come lie with me, my sister. And she answered him, Nay, my brother, do not aforce me; for no such thing ought to be done in Israel: do not thou this bfolly. And I, whither shall I cause my ashame to go? and as for thee, thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, I pray thee, speak unto the king; for he will not withhold me from thee. Howbeit he would not hearken unto her voice: but, being stronger than she, forced her, and lay with her. 2 samuel 13:1-21 Rape and incest…why in the world would we make this available to children to read?

I am quite sure there are many more, and as I’ve done the research, there are some individuals who believe the above passages are fine to share with kids as long as you provide explanations and help them understand the passages. Seriously? Now, obviously, I am not a big fan of banning books, any books, but if we are concerned about sharing age-inappropriate books with small children, better take a good hard look at your own sacred bible.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen dramatic swings in politics from right-leaning to left-leaning, but the swing that is occurring now defies all logic. We are going so far to the right, it’s downright frightening, and no amount of logic will uncover the naked hypocrisy running rampant down our streets. There is nowhere to hide because the monsters are everywhere now. They’ve been given permission to stalk our streets and commit violence against their neighbors (something I am quite sure the bible teaches us not to do). The only light at the end of the tunnel is that old saying of “be careful what you ask for…” because I do believe we are at the very beginning stages of another pendulum swing, and this one will fall squarely on the radical right’s shoulders because of what they’ve been asking for.

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