On Being Childish

I’m fascinated with what happens to people as they age. Recently I read that women who experience dramatic hot flashes for a prolonged period are more prone to dementia and heart disease. Ugh!  Have I mentioned I’ve been suffering from hot flashes for the last fifteen years and there is no sign of this particular… Read More On Being Childish

Anal Proctalgia

What the hell, Annette? No, Anal Proctalgia is not this writer’s clever and highbrow way to tell someone they are a pain in the ass. Although sometimes I may be clever with my stories, I am never highbrow. How about a blog about a relatively obscure medical condition? Yup, why not. Besides, having just had… Read More Anal Proctalgia


There isn’t 100% consistency with my writing. I don’t write in a specific genre. I don’t make my characters a specific age. Some books are clearly better than others if you look at the reviews! I don’t market in the same way every time. But, in other ways, I am very consistent. I have a… Read More Consistency