There isn’t 100% consistency with my writing. I don’t write in a specific genre. I don’t make my characters a specific age. Some books are clearly better than others if you look at the reviews! I don’t market in the same way every time.


But, in other ways, I am very consistent. I have a unique style…quirky and in whatever sub-genre, it is always the light version. Light BDSM, light Sci-fi, light fantasy, light dystopian. I think even my historical romance was a bit light. The other area that I am incredibly consistent about is my nervousness whenever a book is about to release. Lately, with good reason.


I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough of late. Gone are the days where I can expect to break even or rather for my publisher to break even. That fact has caused a crisis of faith for me and led me down the path of writing contemporary romances of late. I’m trying to play a bit to the market. In all honesty, that is super hard for me. I want to add the fantasy or quirk component. It’s my happy place.


A Window to Love will be a big test because the book is predominantly a contemporary romance. Sure there is a tiny little twist to it, but it’s mostly romance. Coming off the heels of a 100% contemporary romance that did well, I hope this is the winning formula. The difference between A Window to Love and Artist Free Zone is that one was offered to Kindle Unlimited and one is not (yet). It will be interesting to see if that inconsistency makes a difference.


I really love the premise of this story. It’s a lesbian version of Made in Heaven. I do enjoy turning classic romances into the lesfic variety. We’ll see what others think of it! The book is out tomorrow! Here is one final scene to hopefully wet your whistle. Where does that saying come from? Next blog….

Tap, tap, tap.

“Welcome to Intermediate for Fluids,” the woman’s voice boomed inside the room. “Please select a seat, and I’ll explain everything.”

Mandie led Gail to the last row of seats and selected the bright, lime green and royal-blue chairs at the end of the row on the left. She was trying not to panic and to lend Gail the support she needed.

“Fluids?” Gail raised her eyebrow. “Does that mean what I think it means? Is it possible that’s the term for anyone who is not strictly heterosexual? How politically correct and all-inclusive of them.”

The woman narrowed her eyes at Gail. “This is not a joke, Ms. Forrester.” She pointed down. “I want to inform you we do not exclude anyone who meets the definition of not heterosexual. We needed to find one word that would encompass everyone in this realm. Frankly, LBGTQQIAA doesn’t work for us. Besides, y’all keep adding letters. How are we to keep up?”

Mandie felt the need to take the focus off Gail. In for a penny, in for a pound. She raised her hand. “How come we don’t get our own Intermediate? You know Intermediate for Lesbians. I’m not being discriminatory here. I just think our own space might be nice.”

The woman sighed. “It’s been suggested. We’re looking into it. For now, you’ll have to be okay with Intermediate for Fluids. I’d rather we not continue talking politics. We have too much to cover and can’t afford to get sidetracked. Can you please hold your questions until I finish?”

“You’re supposed to be listening to Cornstalk, not challenging her,” Gail whispered. Playfulness curled around the edges of her voice.

“Cornstalk?” Mandie pushed the word out of the corner of her mouth.

“I’m allowed to give her and Gray Hair nicknames, because neither properly introduced themselves. Besides, even if they revealed their names, I wouldn’t remember them. Don’t you think she looks like a cornstalk with that tuft of hair on top?”

Mandie giggled.

Window (1)

I learned very recently about another book that was just released and should be available on Amazon soon,  Gold Star Chance by CJ Murphy. CJ exploded on the scene and won a Goldie for her debut novel and talk about consistency…she’s consistently written another solid book titled, The Bucket List and because of her consistent quality writing, I know her third book is on my to buy list!

Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons, retired smoke jumper, turned law enforcement officer, and her K9 partner, Zeus, maintain law and order in Tucker County, West Virginia. Dr. Jax St. Claire has returned determined to start again as she takes over her retired uncle’s veterinary practice. Thirty years ago, they parted, the embers lying dormant until they run into each other. Can the flames rekindle as they grab for their ‘gold star chance’ at love once again?  

GoldStarChance_DesertPalm_300 (1)

I do hope you will consider checking out A Window to Love. For all you romantics out there, this is an epic love story. The link to this new novel is not available at the time of this blog, but I know you’ll be able to get there by clicking on my Amazon page tomorrow!

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