Politics and Eroticism

Okay, yes, I created a brand new word called romash to explain how I combine topics like romance and something else (sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, etc), but combining politics and eroticism…you must think I’m out of my bloody mind. And yet, that is sort of what I did in Pleasure Workers. I tried to think of a new word, but I thought Polierotic would lead people down a completely different path and they’d be disappointed to learn the book is not about polyamorous (which by the way is a real word) relationships. What about eroticpol. Does that generate a vision of a pole dancer? I must have a thing for pole dancers since one showed up in The Dream Catcher.


As with other books, where I try to combine concepts, I will readily admit, the eroticism is erotic-light.  I included more intimate scenes in this book than any other I’ve written, but I seriously doubt it meets the standard for most erotic novels. However, the real question is how the hell did I weave in politics?


When I first started forming the novel, there were horrifying stories about immigration and the country’s evolution to a decidedly less compassionate view of the plight of those families who are simply looking for a better life. Additionally, dreamers were a big story and how the current administration was resistant to following through on the promises made to them. I could not imagine living my practically my whole life in the US with a new fear of being sent to a country I know nothing about and can’t even speak the language.


So, I got the bright idea of combining my passion for bringing forth social issues within what I hope is an entertaining story. I also wanted to offer a different perspective on pleasure workers. I prefer not to call the women who work at legal brothels, prostitutes or sex workers because those terms have a very negative connotation. This was another side message, though not necessarily political.

sex toys

I’m certainly not the first author, nor will I be the last to use the pen to weave in political messages. There are numerous classics that do this and their approach ranges from a political allegory such as Alice in Wonderland, Animal Farm or Gulliver’s Travels to more obvious warnings woven within a startling plot like the Handmaiden’s Tale or 1984. I’ve done more of the latter, versus the former, but one of these days, I think I might like to try a more obtuse political allegory similar to Alice in Wonderland. I could spin more outrageous tales than I’ve already managed to write. Now that is a truly scary thought.  You are probably wondering how I might venture further down that track than The Dream Catcher or The Book Witch. Stay tuned, because I don’t think I’m done writing.


Besides the fact that Pleasure Workers is as close to an erotic tale as I will probably write, I am particularly proud of the development of my character Alex, who is complicated for more reasons than the fact that she wasn’t born in the US, yet has lived here for most of her life. As with most of my books, I believe I’ve managed to weave in those political messages without beating the reader over the head.  As I’ve said before, I like knowing that maybe, 100 years from now, someone will pick up my book, read it and get a small insight into what was happening in the United States during this timeframe in our history and get the bonus of reading a few particularly steamy scenes.


The book comes out on September 1st and I hope you will check it out. Don’t forget to get Ali Spooner’s The Trophy Wives Club where my character, Alex is introduced. Her book has already received rave reviews, so I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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3 thoughts on “Politics and Eroticism

  1. Wow, I am eager to read Pleasure Workers. Love your boxes with a message. I also love how you make characters that we love, see something of our self in maybe, and take them on a journey through so much life. I so want to sit down and ask you so many questions. Just know I appreciate your writing, it makes me think and feel much. Pam


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