Ducking Brilliant

baby duckRecently I shared a draft of a new manuscript, Out of This World, with a reader who liked my first book, Love Forever, Live Forever. She used two words to describe my new book, ducking brilliant. I absolutely loved that phrase and asked her if I could use it in a future book. In the same way I like the phrase, shut the front door, as opposed to shut the fuck up, this tickled my funny bone.

Now don’t get me wrong, obviously I’m not opposed to profanity and it is liberally scattered throughout my first book because honestly the main character has a potty mouth. The two short stories I wrote with this character that will follow at Halloween and Christmas have her trying to clean up her language for a very specific reason which I won’t share because that would be a spoiler. However, in those stories I have her replacing words like fuck with fudgesickle. I think I like ducking brilliant better. Or how about duck you, mother ducker, duckwad, duckfest…. you get the picture the list is endless.

So Gail, if you’re reading this post, thanks for the idea!

If you’re interested in reading about Nicky and her potty mouth, Love Forever, Live Forever is available at all the usual places.

LFLF Cover

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