Social Confusion & Awkwardness

social media I entered the Social Media arena about six years ago because I thought if my 70 year old mother can do it, so can I. So I set up an account sent requests to friends and family and then I never looked at it. It was quite simply a big mystery to me. Besides, my mom died a few years ago and I felt like I didn’t have to keep up appearances.

Five years later, I managed to get a publisher to publish my very first novel and their advice…get active on Facebook. “We’ll get you started with our list of friends,” they offered.

So I set up an author’s Facebook site and dipped my toe into the scary ass waters. I found a bunch of lesbian writers/readers groups and I was addicted. Now I spend an enormous amount of time liking posts, commenting on posts, and creating posts.

What I know about social media I could fit on a tiny post-it note. Apparently it’s not enough to have a Facebook page, you also have to have a Twitter account, a Word Press Account, and now the new evil, Pinterest.

pinterestI clicked a button somewhere to pin something and now I have people following me on Pinterest, but I’m not really sure what they are following because I have absolutely no clue about this new alien form of social media. It’s worse than twitter. I don’t even know what a pin is? Something goes out on cyberspace on some kind of board, but what the hell does that really mean?

I like technology. Really I do. I have an iPhone, an iPad, a Kindle and I just ordered the iWatch, but I NEED HELP. If anyone out there can point me in the direction of a Pinterest for Dummies book, I’d be forever in your debt.

I am now taking social awkwardness to a brand new level. Pin some advice my way, will ya…

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