Gym shoeSo I’ve been told that I’m very competitive. I like to think I’m goal driven.

Recently the organization I work for starting a walking competition.  We plan on walking as an organization from Washington State to Key West, Florida. Guess who suggested the gay capitol of Florida? It pays to be the only Senior Leader on the Wellness Team. There are 136 teams of four people. So it will definitely be a piece of cake for the organization to accomplish within an 8 week time frame.

key west

Since I’m on the Wellness committee we needed one more person to split the committee into two teams. Knowing how competitive the CEO is – I assured the group I could get him to be the other team captain. We each have a team of three people from the committee. On May first, the day the event started, I got an e-mail from said CEO at 6:30a with two words – You’re toast.

Not to be undone, I wrote back. “Really, this morning I worked out for 98 minutes which equates to nearly 12 miles, all before 6:00a – who is toast?”

In every Employee Forum he mentioned the competition and the trash talk started days in advance. Now I am apparently the individual to beat. Usually no problem. I will get my competitive ass in gear and do whatever it takes to win, but I am close to 56 now and my body doesn’t like me going all ape shit crazy anymore just to win some stupid walking competition…


I think there needs to be a group for competition freaks – maybe Competitor’s Anonymous. Can you imagine the meetings. “No way, I’m way more competitive than you….” Sticks her chest out…

I plan on working out for two plus hours today even though my legs feel like rubber already and I’m as stiff as a board.  I need help…maybe I’ll lose a few old lady pounds in the craziness of the next 8 weeks. I like to see the silver lining!

Does my crazy come out in my characters…maybe…check it out for yourself with my debut novel, Love Forever, Live Forever.

Live Forever Love Forever

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