GCLS Conference Highlights


I had the honor and privilege to attend the 2015 GCLS conference. Although I was not yet brave enough to sit on a panel or do a reading at my very first conference, I was able to meet many fine authors and enjoy the camaraderie of the conference. I was in awe of those who boldly read for the first time and offered to sit on the panels. Next year I made a deal to Ali Spooner that I would do a reading if she came to DC. So I guess I will embarrass myself and sign up because I really, really, want her to come. She is a total sweetheart. I’ll be dragging my wife along again because she fit right in with our amazing groups of Affinity authors.

aligclswith wife

Most people would assume that the highlight of the trip was when Rita Mae Brown came to the Affinity table at the author signing because we were laughing and joking around so much it was clear to her we were having a good time. However, my true highlight was getting to meet all the other authors and especially the Affinity authors because they are a genuine, supportive, and unpretentious lot. I literally had the best time just hanging out with them.

affinity authorswith other authors

Don’t get me wrong, I was so star struck when Rita Mae Brown came over that not one intelligent word came out of my mouth. Notice my wide-eyed expression. She is an icon after all and Rubyfruit Jungle was the first book I ever read when I discovered that I was a lesbian (gasp….really…I was one of those…). I will most definitely never forget the Raisinets scene because it is one of the funniest scenes ever written.


Not to diminish meeting the rest of the Affinity group, Ali, Jen, Lacey, Renee, Irish (Nancy), Erika, Nat and Alice (all top notch people), but THE highlight was meeting Erin O’Reilly, my fabulous mentor and JM Dragon, Goldie Award Winner. You cannot find a better dynamic duo than those two. When Hell Meets Heaven is my all time favorite series. Their kindness, graciousness, and all around genuine affection and support to their authors is truly amazing. Taking us all out several times and arranging the Ghost tour was above and beyond. Many thanks to you!



Our NOLA toast….To Affinity and Beyond….Ask JM about the fireball…


Check out the Affinity site because there are incredible books there.  http://affinityebooks.com/

In case anyone is interested…here is a link to the first chapter of my new book, Asset Management: First Chapter of Asset Management, which comes out in August.  My first novel, Love Forever, Live Forever, is already available in both e-book and print format. Links below will get you to all the places you can purchase the book.  Thanks for supporting a new writer!!

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Full moon night AM Cover

2 thoughts on “GCLS Conference Highlights

  1. Thanks so much Annette for the great highlights and photos from the conference. I know it’s not the same as being there, but for those of us unable to be there…you’ve brought this life throughout the last week. Many thanks!


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