So Take A Look At Me Now…

I’m both nervous and excited right now because my second book just came out, called Asset Management. Whenever I’m nervous, songs run through my head. So the song that is currently running through my head is from the movie, Against All Odds. Anyone remember that movie?



At one point someone said to me that I looked a little like the main actress (Rachel Ward) in that movie. I had short curly hair at the time and I believe that was what did it. I don’t think it was necessarily true, but because this woman said that, she became my girlfriend. Yes flattery, even untrue flattery, will get you every time! She was totally hot (Rachel Ward and my girlfriend-but not as hot as my wife) and for one brief second after the comment, I felt good about myself. Of course that was after I turned a beautiful shade of red.

So what does the theme song have to do with the release of my second book you ask. Well…the words So Take A Look at Me Now just popped into my head because I never, ever, ever thought I would publish one book and now I have two with a third coming out in December. I think I can legitimately call myself a real author now. I am empathizing with Pinocchio (you know the real boy thing). I am eternally grateful to Erin O’Reilly and JM Dragon who took a big chance on me. Erin spent a great deal of time helping mold my first book into something publishable. I lucked out with my publisher.


I entered the lesfic world late in life-at age fifty-five. Better late than never, huh? Now I have the writing bug and am working on my fifth novel (my fourth is a bit unconventional and on hold). The fifth novel has a lot more sex in it which has completely pulled me out of my comfort zone.  My beta reader said, ”  I see you have done your homework on the sex scenes by 10 fold.” I must admit to being extremely vanilla, so I had to do a lot of research. Here’s a sneak preview just to prove I stepped out of my vanilla comfort zone:

Espresso ran to his favorite daybed and settled in watching his two moms perform their favorite coming home ritual.

“If I don’t taste you right this instant, I’m sure I’ll die of starvation,” Rachel exclaimed.

Lara stepped out of her skirt, tossed her purse on the floor, and gently pushed Rachel’s head between her legs. “We can’t have that, now can we?”

Rachel urged Lara’s legs apart and covered her sex with her mouth—licking and sucking while she penetrated her with her middle and index fingers.

Lara threw her head back and moaned. “Ooh. So good. So fucking good. Remind me to insure that tongue of yours.” When her orgasm finally crested, the pulsations and quivers that ran up and down her body created an almost out of body experience.

Rachel pulled her fingers from inside Lara’s vagina and slowly licked each one clean. “Mmm, finger lickin’ good. Better than Kentucky Fried Chicken, and I loves me some fried chicken,” Rachel exclaimed in a poor imitation of a southern lady.

Lara chuckled. “That is a horrible southern accent, darling.” Lara clasped Rachel’s hand and began leading her to the bedroom. “I seem to be the only one partially dressed here. You and me. Naked. Now. I’ve brought home a few presents, but we seem to have left them in the trunk in our haste to finish what you started in the car.”

“Ooh presents. I like the sound of that, but I’d rather leave the bag until later. I left the silk ties on the bed. I’m in the mood for some extended playtime and excruciating delay of pleasure. Tie me up and tease away, my talented lover. I won’t even try to escape,” Rachel exclaimed.

“Now where’s the fun in that? I’ll have you squirming and begging in no time,” Lara taunted.

I don’t know if I am succeeding, but I’m trying not to write the same story each time. I’d like to think that each of my books is completely different. Some are more contemporary and conventional than others, like Asset Management. I hope that I gain new readers with this new release because it does not have any paranormal elements, which I understand narrows the readership.

I am thankful for the fans out there that read my first book Love Forever, Live Forever because they are so loyal and have already purchased my second book.  So I peaked your interest with this blog, here are the requisite links…

Check out the Affinity site because there are incredible books there.  There are several free short stories that you can download. I have two. The True Story of Valentines Day and The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Elves in Love.  Both are kind of campy, but hey they’re free!


In case anyone is interested…here is a link to the first chapter of my new book, Asset Management: First Chapter of Asset Management,.  My first novel, Love Forever, Live Forever, is already available in both e-book and print format. Links below will get you to all the places you can purchase the book.   Keep scrolling down for the links to Asset Management. Thanks for supporting a new writer!!

Amazon              Affinity E-Book Press         Smashwords        Barnes and Noble     Bella Books

Full moon night

Here are the links to Asset Management:

Amazon         Affinity E-Book Press      Smashwords     Barnes & Noble     Not up on the Bella Books site yet – sorry

AM Cover

4 thoughts on “So Take A Look At Me Now…

  1. Ummm, Annette that snip it of your new book was hot and sexy!! And I’m not vanilla…. LOL

    Write on… Can’t wait… Reading “Asset Management” now….


  2. I’m so proud …can’t wait to read …I never knew you wrote ….how exciting … where the heck were you when I was doing passion parties lol this would have been great!!


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