Crazy Cat Lady…Oh wait that’s me

imageI’ve often wondered at what point does someone evolve from softhearted animal lover to crazy cat lady? Is there a specific number of cats that result in a flip of the switch? Three cats is a normal lesbian, four to five and you are softhearted, six means you are skirting the edge, and then bam seven means you’ve toppled over into crazy cat lady.

Nico kitchen counter

Some of you may be following my kitten videos, so you know that my wife and I rescued two kittens living in the engine of a vehicle. We both crawled under the carriage of the car, unscrewed the plate underneath the engine, and then I grabbed the two little furballs.


The plan was to foster them. Yeah right. We absolutely love the little buggers now. When the person who was going to take the little girl backed out – I did the happy dance.



Everyone kept posting on Facebook questions/comments like:

  • How can you possibly split them apart?
  • They play so well together.
  • Have you named them yet?
  • They are so adorable.

I was starting to feel like the worst lesbian in the world. How could I possibly split them up? They do play well together. I’d already talked to my wife and she agreed we would keep the little boy, so I named him Grayson. What kitten isn’t adorable?


When baby girl, who was supposed to go to another family, started snuggling up with me at night and stayed practically the whole night in my arms, I became attached. I’m a lesbian for God’s sake. Her name is Nicki after the first main character in my debut novel. My wife tossed the name out and I said sure why not.

I think what has me questioning whether I’ve fallen over the edge is the addition of a another kitty to our family. Here’s how this transpired. The woman who kitty sits for us when we go out of town for more than a day, rescues cats and dogs. Yeah, you know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Some rotten bastard had tethered this poor older cat their back yard. The kitty sitter asks my wife, “Do you know someone who would take an older cat, even if they become a barn kitty?”

Well…we already feed all the feral cats in both neighborhoods that we live in (Moses Lake and Cle Elum), so I pipe up and say, “We can just have him live on our three acres in Cle Elum. We have that old dog house or we could open up the garage and make a little spot for him.”

Mister TomKat is now being acclimated to his new home in our garage. Unfortunately we have to keep him in his cage for a few days.


So this question of how many pushes you into the Crazy Cat Lady territory is very relevant to me. Before we started the recent craziness, we had three. We now have six if you count the latest Mister TomKat. Someone please tell me if I’m riding the edge or have already crossed over? Can I rationalize cats that live in our garage don’t count, just like we don’t count the feral cats? Does that mean I can adopt one more? Inquiring minds need to know the answer to these question, so that the next time I feel compelled to save a kitten, I have full disclosure of the consequences.


I didn’t reveal my obsession for cats in my novels until introducing a cat in my third book, Locked Inside, due for release in December. The two books that follow have more than a walk on part for my cat characters. I figured I would ease the readers into this lest they find out too soon about my cat preoccupation. If you are someone who prefers dogs, no worries because my first two books are cat free zones.

Regardless of if you love or hate cats, I hope you decide to give my books a try.

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Full moon night

Here are the links to Asset Management:

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Lady…Oh wait that’s me

  1. If I wasn’t for the fact my partner is hyper allergic to the little fur balls I too would be a cat lady…well done for being such a kind hearted person..xx


    1. That is so sad. I am not sure what I would do if I was allergic or even worse my wife was allergic, because if I was allergic I would probably just suffer the effects. However, if my wife was allergic, I would not want her to suffer.


  2. 31. That’s how many cats we’ve had at once. Rescued 25 of them (adding to our 6) after the Long Island blizzard of ’85 and kept them all.

    9. That’s how many dogs we had at one time. Having them overlapped with having the cats. All rescues. All earth angels.

    Nothing crazy about it. They gave us love, joy, purpose, focus, fun. They enhanced our lives. Blessed us with their presence every day. Made us kinder people than we might have ever been. Were always better to us than we to them because that’s the nature of things.

    As goodness goes, animals rule.

    Your lives just improved. Way.


  3. You can never have enough animals. As of right now, I have to stay with my special needs YorkiePoo. Until the wife decides where she wants to move to. Then all bets are off cats and dogs abound. Love them all. They always give you more then you give them.


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