We Are Family…..

we are family

I joke around a lot, especially in that nerdy, socially awkward way that introverted writers tend to gravitate to – well maybe not all introverted writers…. In this respect I resemble the main character, Mabel in my new book, Out of This World. However, when I post that I was dancing or singing in my condo, I’m not lying.

I don’t sing well and my dancing probably looks like The Elaine Dance on Seinfeld, but when I’m happy I just got to let it out. Yesterday, I thought of the tune from the song, We Are Family from Sister Sledge and it stuck in my head. Why? Well let me share that with you.


Sometimes people rant about all the lesbian drama on Facebook and the toxic way that some individuals tend to communicate on occasion, but that has not been my experience. Yesterday, I got a text, an e-mail and then several Facebook comments that were all very supportive about the fact that my latest book was doing well. Miraculously it hit #10 and for me that was nothing short of spectacular. I’m not a well known writer at all. In fact, I barely make a dent in the known category. This does not stop so many really wonderful women from posting on my timeline, texting me, sending me private messages, or e-mailing me. Other writers have also reached out selflessly to help me promote my books and offer encouraging words. I want to list a few of those individuals who because I truly am blessed: Gail, Ali, Lacey, Diana, Renee, Jen, Anya, Sharlie, Marguerite, Sue, Mel, Nancy, Julie, Charlene, DK, Teri, Robin, Kat, Katie, Dawn, Rosie, KA, Angela,  Jove, RG, Andi, K’Anne, Lynne, Tara, Cd, Liz, Victoria, Charlotte, Betsy, Loek and there are so many more I know I am missing.

I’ve also seen the outpouring of love to Sandra Moran and I wished I’d had the courage to introduce myself at the GCLS conference because I know she would have been gracious. I click like on the posts every time I read them, even though I don’t know what to say to send my own post, besides what everyone else is saying – Fuck Cancer.

Fuck Cancerfuck-cancer-icon

So because I am going to be featured on the Writer’s Block this weekend, I will take the lazy way out and fill the rest of the blog with a teaser from Out of This World. Everyone will have plenty of opportunities to ask me anything and because I have no filter, I’ll answer every single question with brutal honesty. Now for the teaser….

“Hey, Mabs. Whatcha reading?” Sydney leaned her long lanky body on the counter and gifted me with one of her slow sexy grins.

“Oh, hello Sydney.” I quickly stuffed the book under the counter and away from her piercing blue eyes.

“Syd, all my friends call me Syd, how many times do I have to tell you that? You must be reading that book, Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t think you had it in you.” Sydney winked.

I’d been in love with Sydney since the fifth grade, but I was so far into the closet that even the Jaws of Life weren’t able to pry me out.

I blushed at her teasing. “Um, no, it’s not that book.” I sat up and tried for my professional librarian look. “Can I help you find something, Sydney?”

She sighed. “I’m never going to convince you to call me Syd, am I?”

I shook my head. “You’ll always be Sydney to me.” I wanted to add, Sydney, my hero and divine object of hidden desires, but I didn’t.

“Hollie wanted me to pick up that new lesbian romance by Janet River. Do you have it yet?” she asked.

I did have it. That was the book I’d just hidden under the counter but I couldn’t tell her that. “We do, but someone just checked it out.”

“Damn, I didn’t think there were that many lesbians in our sleepy little town. Who checked it out? Maybe I can ask how long she’ll have it and I can get it when she brings it back.”

Busted. I thought of something quick and only felt slightly guilty for the lie. “Oh I’ll just call you when it comes back in. You know, confidentiality and all that.”

“Oh, sorry. Someone in the closet, huh? I just don’t get it. Be out and proud. It’s not like it’s the fifties or anything. No one’s ever bothered me.”

Sydney was one of the beautiful people, popular, confident, and unfortunately, definitely spoken for, not that I would ever have a chance with her. Coming out was a non-issue for her. She just acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be a lesbian and it worked. No one ever challenged her. The fact that she began dating the head cheerleader, who happened to be the most sought after girl in high school, certainly didn’t hurt. They were the golden couple. I thought she could do better because Hollie wasn’t a very nice person, but maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. I fantasized that one day she would realize she was really in love with me.

“That’s because you’re beautiful and everyone loves you. It isn’t like that for everyone,” I blurted out. If ever there was a time I wanted to be born a deaf mute, it was that moment.

Sydney quirked her eyebrow at me. “Are you flirting with me, Mabel Butt?”

Fortunately, at just that moment, the door to the library opened and the tinkling of the bell interrupted our conversation. I looked up and saw the most astonishing woman I’d ever seen in my entire life. I was speechless and I could tell Sydney was too. The woman had the kind of ethereal beauty that you almost never come across. Little did I know how accurate a description that really was. I wasn’t aware at the time, but this moment would be the spark that changed my life forever.

Right now it is available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited and here is the link:  Amazon

Just because this is the most recent book I have out, I hope you don’t just bypass the others….

A link to the first chapter of Asset Management: First Chapter of Asset Management,.  My first novel, Love Forever, Live Forever, is available in both e-book and print format. Links below will get you to all the places you can purchase the book.   Keep scrolling down for the links to Asset Management and Love, Forever Live Forever. Thanks for supporting a new writer!!  Coming soon is and Locked Inside.

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Here are the links to Asset Management:

Amazon         Affinity E-Book Press      Smashwords     Barnes & Noble     Bella Books

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