Life’s Too Short


Normally I write more light hearted blogs that focus on poking fun at something or someone (typically me). I serve up a main entre’ of revelations about me or my family’s oddities with a side of tongue in cheek humor. On occasion people believe I’m being serious, but I rarely am. The only other blog I’ve written with the reverance it deserved was an Ode To My Mother. However today’s blog is serious.


Over the past several weeks tradgedy has struck all around me. First, my collegue died of cancer at age 52 after a long and valiant battle. Not even a week later, my wife called with the shocking news that our previous next door neighbor got sick, was diagnosed with cancer, and died three days later. Their whole family attended our wedding and his son participated in the ceremony. We had a very small gathering of only 25 people, so the fact that this family was invited meant they were among the select few we chose to invite.


This week I learned of a few more individuals struggling with life threatening illnesses. I haven’t really had the pleasure to get to know the author that everyone is talking about on Facebook because I’ve been far too shy to get to get to know those famous lesbian authors, but I had to completely agree with the FUCK CANCER posts on Facebook.

My wife was so distraught by the news of our former neighbor that she finally agreed it might be time to consider selling our house and retiring a few years earlier than our original plans call for. Currently we live over 100 miles apart from one another because we commute in different directions and it would have been too long for me to commute to my new place of employment. She’s grown very tired of living apart during the week, and I have to admit it isn’t ideal. We’ve made it work so far, but it does suck to only see one another on the weekends.

gclswith wife

We are the typical middle aged lesbian couple. In other words, we have a lot of shit that we’ve accumulated over the years. We haven’t touched half of it since we moved in eight years ago. I keep asking myself why we need a 2600 square foot house on three acreas and 1000 square foot condo for only two people. In my humble opinion it is way too much to take care of and manage. I’ve been advocating for selling the house and having my wife retire a few years earlier than our original plans. I honestly believe I could live in a 24 foot motor home and free myself of all that stuff. My wife has been a little hesitant about that plan-especially with five cats (recall Crazy Cat Lady blog).


Now that I am writing almost every evening and have to force myself to stay away from the computer on the weekends, early retirement and traveling around in a motor home sounds pretty good to me. My wife can drive while I write. I’d say the plan was perfect. We get to spend time together. We aren’t weighed done with useless stuff. Finally, we get to travel in our pseudo golden years. I’ll admit that it seems a little early for me to retire at 56 or even in a couple of years after we sell the house at 58, but given that my grandfather died at 69, my mother at 72, I want at least 10 years to travel and have fun with my wife because as I’ve been reminded repeatedly over the last couple of weeks – life’s too short.


I suppose the good news about retiring early is that I get to write more, which I’ve discovered is either a passion or an addiction. I guess it depends on your perspective – I prefer the term passion, but my wife may consider it an addiction. Just remember that when you buy my books you are either feeding a passion or enabling an addiction. No wait that doesn’t sound good…let’s go with feeding a passion!

A link to the first chapter of Asset Management: First Chapter of Asset Management,.  My first novel, Love Forever, Live Forever, is available in both e-book and print format. Links below will get you to all the places you can purchase the book.   Keep scrolling down for the links to Asset Management and Love, Forever Live Forever. Thanks for supporting a new writer!!  Coming soon is my two new books, Out of This World and Locked Inside. Soon I will reveal the rocking covers on both.

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Full moon night

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7 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short

  1. I retired at 50, from a government job which let you get out at that age. It is never, EVER, too early to retire. Go for it and enjoy!


  2. I love Nico too, but I have to say he has been a bad boy lately and I have the bites and scratches to prove it. When I take him to the big house he fights with the other two cats and I have to break them up. He’s a jealous boy…so I give him a kitty time out by putting him is his carrier. He doesn’t like that and lets me know it!

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you telling me you like my posts!


  3. I feel you Annette. When my son graduated in 2013, we pulled up stakes and moved nearly 50 miles closer to her job. I quite the rat race and took a part time position 305 feet from our house for nearly the same money as I was driving and busting my hump full time for. Doing that let me realize my lifelong dream of having more time to write. This year we jumped into my wife’s lifelong dream of owning and operating her own haunted house.

    In 2-3 more years, we hope to be able to both retire from ‘jobs’ completely and live off my writing income and the haunt income. We’ll supplement with my military pension when I’m 60! (I retired from the National Guard with 13+ years of active duty and 22 years of total service after a medical issue forced my hand or I’d still be serving).

    Life is short. You have to do what makes you happy and what’s best for the long haul. It may be tough going at first but it’s oh so worth it in the end!

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