Resolutions…Smesolutions (Yes I Know This Is Not A Word)


Every year I am asked about my New Year’s resolutions and I always shock people when I tell them I don’t have any. Of course, like most everyone else I have plenty of things I need to change about myself, but that isn’t why people are perplexed. The shock probably originates from the perception that others have about me. My close friends and family are familiar with a deeply ingrained value I hold regarding the need to constantly learn and grow. It would seem that the New Year is the perfect time to set those growth goals, but not for me and I’m not alone in this.

Only 48% of Americans usually write New Year’s resolutions, with an additional 17% who report they infrequently join this group. I’m among the 38% who never make resolutions because quite honestly only a pitiful 8% are successful.

Since Google is my best friend I looked up the above statistics and also wanted to research the top ten resolutions. What was interesting to me is how many I’ve achieved in my life without making any New Year’s promises to myself or others. Here’s the top ten because I know inquiring minds want to know…

top ten resolutions

Lose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

For me, change has always come about when the timing was right in my life. I quit smoking at age twenty (number 7). One day I was looking at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. I was overweight, out of shape, and my life was heading in the wrong direction. I didn’t just smoke cigarettes, my weed (marijuana) intake was daily and increasing at an alarming rate. It was time to make a change. I stopped smoking, cut down on my drinking, and starting running. The side benefit was number 1 above on the list. I lost a lot of weight.

lose weight

Now imagine if I’d said to myself, “Well shoot it’s only April, I’ve got eight more months to eat, drink, and smoke like a chimney.” Hooray for all that additional time to continue down that very  unhealthy, destructive path.


I submitted my very first novel July of 2014 (number 6-learn something new). Once again, imagine if I’d said to Affinity when they set up that first Skype chat to talk about my manuscript, “Nah, I can’t accept your help, Erin, until January 1st. I think I’ll just pass on learning from you, but thanks for the generous offer to mentor me.”

I met my wife in August of 2003. I’m giggling right now imagining her reaction to me stating, “I’m sorry can we just hold off on falling in love (number 9) until New Year’s so I can fulfill my next resolution. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.” Wink wink. Talk about a buzzkill.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Change and growth happen when the timing is right and the need fairies are so loud that you can’t help listening to them as they whisper in your ears. Change is not on a maintenance schedule.

new years resolution

I’ve successfully managed six of the top ten resolutions in my lifetime and have my eye on a couple of them for the next year, but I won’t be definitively declaring them on New Year’s day. I’ll know when the time is right and will probably do a follow-up blog to share my progress.

coffee resolution

If you are one of those individuals who does enjoy making resolutions, more power to you-no judgment here. I hope you are in the 8%, especially if one of your resolutions is to take more time for pleasure reading and you happen to include my books on your wish list!

I’d like to do a quick review of my year because it was life changing for me as I published my first book in 2015. Instead of posting all the reviews for every book that was published last year, I randomly picked one for each book.

Year In Review

Year in review 1

Full moon nightLive Forever, Love Forever was published in April and slow to catch on, but picked up a few more readers after Asset Management came out.

The words that come to mind are funny, sexy, heartbreaking, brilliant, page turning. I loved Nicky, Lisa and Sara. I loved their story and it will stay with me. Live forever, love forever starts off very entertaining. Nicky’s voice is unique, true and full of life. Some lol moments, great dialogue. I read it during my nightshift and got really mad when people interrupted my reading. I had to find out if they are going to do it already and how. And what is the problem with Sara? The suspense was killing me. This story foreshadows great disaster and the promise is kept! Carolaid

AM CoverAsset Management is still my best selling novel and currently has 21 five star reviews. It was released on August 1st.

This is the third book by Ms. Mori I’ve read. And the third completely different style of writing employed, making it so delightful – showing the breadth of her abilities as a writer! The first chapter sets up a trio of women as operatives in an organization whose purpose is yet to be totally discovered. The beginning of the second chapter, however, one of the main characters, Toni, runs across a character she’s interacted with in the first chapter, and gives her a ‘wink’; such a *powerful* word used here, a word which sets off a cat and mouse game. A game you have absolutely no idea the magnitude of which at this point in the book. What a wonderful wordsmith Ms. Mori is! More than once you are led down the lilac path, believing you know you know what lies ahead, only to learn that you know absolutely nothing, and are about to be educated in a completely different set of circumstances. What makes this book perfect for me, is that Ms. Mori manages to weave in romances between more than one set of women, in different set of circumstances. I can’t say more than that without giving away what you will have to read for yourself, but she does so exquisitely! And I do so adore loving romances, I freely admit. Once again, Annette, Well Done You!!!! Bravo!!! Another must read, no surprise here!                        HollyAnn Weaver

Out-final-whiteOut of This World was a test for Affinity as the first Kindle Unlimited book for the publishers. Readers noted the laugh out loud moments and lunchgate was born. Reviews are positive with 14 five star reviews and 2 four star reviews.

When I found out that Annette had not been writing for years and she did not have this long list of books that she has written I was shocked but then I now know that I have a front-page seat to watch the growth of this amazing author who is destined to be “Out of This World”. Mabel is a woman who personifies feelings and insecurities that I think everyone has felt at some time in their life—insecure, closeted, torn between right and wrong and then there is Sydney who you think is everything Mabel isn’t but deep down she is exactly the same…then a beautiful woman by the name of Celeste walks into their lives and they are forever changed. Celeste has the ability to make you slow down and see our worlds through her “eyes” as she learns and teaches these two woman what the meaning of love is. Out of this World has love, loss, good over evil, passion and humor and this wonderful story teller Annette Mori managed to bring all this into this one book for us to enjoy!                 Cheryll Jones

coverLocked Inside has now been out for one month and most of the readers say it is my best novel. I agree. The reviews have been very positive with 13 five stars reviews and 1 four star review.

The mark of a truly good story is that it is capable of invoking emotion well after the last chapter is finished. It must have been very difficult to put into words what it’s like to wake up and find out you missed the last 6 years of your life, that you can’t move or even speak. Belinda’s tale of recovery after a 6 year coma is truly the stuff of inspiration and we are allowed to follow along in her arduous and amazing rehabilitation. A tremendous amount of talent and polish went into writing this story and the friendship and love affair between Belinda and Carly was oh so sweet. I would love to see this story re-released in an expanded version with more dialogue between Belinda and Carly especially when Belinda regains her speech and the ability to walk. What a wonderful story. I definitely put this one near the top of my favorites in this genre.          Cathie

I wasn’t tracking the top 100 ratings when my first novel came out, but I met my personal goal with Asset Management, Out of This World, and now Locked Inside when they remained in the top 100 for Lesbian Romance in the first month of their release. Asset Management remains in the number 7 spot for the Top Rated Lesbian Romance.

All in all, it’s been a fabulous year for me and I want to give credit where credit is due. Affinity is a wonderful publisher. Nancy is the best cover artist out there. Erin was a dream come true as my mentor. The most credit goes to all the readers who gave me a chance and took the time to write those great reviews. My sincere thanks to all of you.

Happy New Year and happy reading!

Affinity Author Page         Amazon Author Page

new covers 11-25


6 thoughts on “Resolutions…Smesolutions (Yes I Know This Is Not A Word)

  1. Another fantastic blog, although I’m having trouble visualising you as an overweight pot smoker. Did you wear patchouli oil as well? Anyway, keep up the good work with the writing. Four books in one year is an awesome achievement!

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  2. I love when you feed us insight into your do know it will probably come back to bite you in the ass somewhere later totally agree on your perception on “The New Year New Me” idea. Change..grow..learn..every chance you get..if I learned anything this past year was that life is uncertain!

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