To Retirement and Beyond….


Ever since I started at my current place of employment, I’ve been honest about my plans to retire in 7 years (that was over 4 years ago). This past weekend, my wife and I took our first real step toward that journey….we bought an RV. We’ve been talking about traveling after we retire for it seems like forever.


If my wife was a writer, she’d be a plotter. She’s been looking at these Leisure Vans for at least four years. She’s been showing me the videos, talking to sales people, and asking random people if she can check out their vans. Her biggest worry was how could we possibly take five…yes five cats in a 24 foot RV. Although the Leisure Vans were hands down the best quality we saw in the market, they were in her opinion….too small.


So…how did we end up buying one with her reservations on the size? The answer is…she dragged me to a show and told me I needed to see for myself. I’m the kind of person who could be perfectly happy in one of those tiny houses. A bed and a place to write is all I require and the Leisure Van had that and more.

We sold our house this past summer and then my wife moved into the tiny condo with me and the five cats…and now we have the RV. The only problem with this little plan is that we both have a little over 2 ½ more years until retirement….unless…things get too squirrely out there in the good old U S of A where Trump promises to make America great again. However, if his great America only applies to a certain subset of people…well…early retirement here we come!


Now for the TMI in the blog, because I know all of you look for that! When I race home every night and practically hold my crotch like a two-year-old needing to use the washroom, that is by far the strongest evidence that I’m closer to retirement than I think. I know all you women out there who are at that certain age know what I’m talking about. Admit it, on a few occasions, I’ll bet you haven’t made it either and tinkled in your jeans. Yup, that’s another sign that I’m one step closer to retirement.

So…for all your avid readers who have already reached that blessed retirement age and get to read all the books you want…be sure to check mine out. Yup…you know the drill…click the links below.

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