I’ve decided that the perfect ending to #BuzzWeek is to resurrect this old blog and share the information once again. I do thank Nancy Anne Healy for starting #BuzzWeek. I am adding my scene from my work in progress called, The Panty Thief for two reasons. First, I stole some of the concepts from this blog to write the scene and two, the very first week I did was #PantyWeek which inspired the WIP in the first place!  Thanks to Sophie for the inspiration.


Psyche…okay this blog is not about the Beach Boys, the topic is a lot more interesting and yet…there is a big WARNING: if you are easily offended by sex talk, don’t continue. After culling through numerous ideas on what to write about this week, one suggestion really peaked (pun intended) my interest. I suppose the idea took root when there was a long string of posts on Facebook that started with poking (again pun intended) fun at a lesbian erotica book that was apparently written by a man. I’d missed the original string and felt left out, so a new flurry of posts ensued that ended with the mention of a vibrator shaped like Santa Claus.


I couldn’t imagine that was real, so I had to Google it. Sure enough, it does exist. I wondered if the texture of the beard would feel nice and of course, I posted that comment. Someone responded that a Santa Claus vibrator was not appealing at all because…well…let’s face it…would you want an old man up your hoo ha? I suggested one that was shaped like Mrs. Claus. I don’t think that was particularly pleasing either, but I Googled that just in case. Nope, the sexist little sex shop manufacturers don’t have a Mrs. Claus version.


Anyone who has read my blogs or posts knows that I have a disproportionate need to educate myself and often scurry off to do research (internet or physical). In this instance, I had to Google all the different kinds of vibrators. A worthy cause…I hope you will agree!different-vibrators

I’d already learned about the rabbit from my older sister. Yup, my older sister heralded the virtues of that little toy. Now the rabbit is not a cute fuzzy animal, but a toy designed to stimulate two places at once. A picture is worth a thousand words. The top of the line is apparently the Rabbit Pearl. Hmmm…I wonder how those little rabbit ears feel?


So, in my research here are the most unusual vibrators I’ve found….no joke. The first is called…I kid you not…the womanizer and it claims to suck and vibrate at the same time.


Now I love ice cream and for those of you who share that passion, well guess what? There’s a perfect vibrator for you called the ice cream vibrator. This one is on a key-chain. The disclaimer on this little gem is it is more cute and fun than designed to elicit orgasms. If you want a real vibrator and love ice cream, try the IScream vibrator that is shaped like a vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate on top and promises a powerful motor sure to do the trick. Certainly, not for those who have more vanilla tendencies….or is it?


One of my personal favorites is the Dillio inflatable riding vibrator. You can sit on it and ride it at the same time. Ride em cowgirl! Oh, the fun in the pool I could have with this little baby. I wonder what my condo neighbors would say if I dumped this wonderful toy in our community pool?


If you prefer tongue action, well don’t despair because there is the Sqweel 2 that simulates oral sex and the Robo Lick that combines oral sex with penetration


This type is so popular there is a third option, called the Clit Kisser. This one has a vibrating jelly tongue. Wow, I mean just wow.


Want to wake up in the morning and have an orgasm? Well…the Wake Up Vibe is a vibrating alarm clock that you wear in your undies. Oh and it comes in pink, how delightful. Damn….I don’t wear underwear to bed.


Without further ado….here is the last scene to end #BuzzWeek from The Panty Thief, hopefully coming out next year!

“Do you only date women?”

Sabrina nodded. “I know that’s rather square of me, isn’t it? I guess being pansexual is all the rage, but honestly, I’m just not interested in a penis. I’m not even that fond of dildos unless they vibrate or are particularly slim. When I was younger, a friend of mine and I went into this sex shop and you know what?”

Joey chuckled. “No what, I can’t even imagine what you’re going to say. You are very surprising, Sexy Sabrina.”

“There was this vibrator with a vibrating jelly tongue. A tongue! Seriously, I’m not making this shit up. The clerk called it the clit kisser. Well, that was it for me. Sold. Although, I briefly entertained the idea of purchasing the alternative Robolick. That one had multiple pink rotating tongues.”

Joey bent over and started to laugh so hard she desperately gulped air as she tried to respond. “Stop. Stop. You’re killing me here.”

“How about you? I’ll bet you’re one of those really hip gender fluid, anything goes types. It’s a good thing we’ll only be friends. I’ll never be able to keep up with you. You undoubtedly have men and women lining up outside your apartment door offering an inventive study break and stress reliever.”

“You’d be wrong again. One hundred percent lesbian here, but I don’t have any negative views of consenting adults making whatever choices meet their needs or desires. I’m not a gold star lesbian or anything. I had an aha moment a few years back as I looked over my intimate experiences. I came to the definitive conclusion that while I had enjoyed sex with only one man, every single experience with a woman was good. I needed empirical data to come to that determination. Since medical school, I’ve done a fair amount of research to cement my conclusions.”

So…are y’all sufficiently educated about the different options. I sure learned a lot. I’ve been terribly remiss by not including vibrators as an essential part of my intimate scenes, but if you want to read about what I have woven into to those steamy scenes…you know the drill…click on the links below.

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11 thoughts on “Good…Good…Good…Good…Vibrations

  1. Learn something new every day! I had no idea about the ‘tongue’ ones that look like little water wheels. Well, that is one way to deal with the ‘moisture’ that all water wheels are designed for. 😉
    These posts should be labeled as Public Service Announcements. They are VERY educational.. I thank you for broadening my knowledge base. Off to purchase The Termination now as a thank you gift….more to me, I think than to you. Lol….. Keep up the good work and research!

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  2. Wow! This is really informative because I didn’t know that there were so many different types of vibrators available! I love your blog Annette Mori, it’s always humorous and knowledgeable;)


  3. I love this. Cute and entertaining! I’m thinking I need a new alarm clock. 😳 I got gyped by the one I got from Walmart! It just wakes me up with an annoying blaring noise in the morning with this new one I might could become a morning person. Lol.


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