Yup…I am soooooo going there. Why? Because for some women we’ve been brainwashed to believe that this is not a good thing. So, I call bullshit and have researched the topic to back up my claims. A great article from Huffington Post cites 13 reasons why every woman should masturbate regularly. Here is a link to that article:

Unfortunately, other research talked about the cons which included feelings of guilt or self loathing after masturbation, particularly for women. This is because ”polite society” or religion has pounded stupid shit into women’s heads about how wrong this is for women, while generally accepting it as normal for men. No matter how much those negative messages have seeped into your thought processes on the topic…hopefully this blog will challenge you to evaluate those old messages.

So why is regular masturbation healthy? Here are some of the benefits (in no particular order):

  • A great stress reliever
  • Helps with cramps during menstruation
  • Allows us to be more comfortable with our bodies and what we like and don’t like
  • Releases the endorphins oxytocin and dopamine, which improve our moods-yup makes us happier
  • Helps us sleep better-something that can become a challenge as you get older
  • It can help improve your sex life by either shaking things up or by helping you know what you like best as you get to know your body and feel more comfortable about sex in general and can share that with your partner
  • If you are between partners or just not having as much sex as you used to during the honeymoon stage, it keeps those parts healthy and elastic, increasing blood flow
  • There’s really cool gadgets out there to help…see previous blogs: or
  • My favorite reason listed was…there is no downside to masturbation and don’t forget…my other favorite reason…because it feels f@#&ing amazing (I swear…that is a reason listed in the article)

So, ladies…go for it! Use it or loose it! On occasion I will read sex scenes where the author incorporates masturbation into their scene and those are generally very hot sex scenes. I vaguely recall doing this on rare occasions in a few of my books. I am not sure which ones, so if you are interested, you know the drill, just click the links below to try to find which ones! Don’t forget about the sales books this week with both by award winning author JM Dragon, Circus and The Promise.

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