Routines and Habits

Change is hard sometimes but necessary. Whenever I’ve made changes in my life, the change prompts a completely new routine. When I lost my job, I didn’t know how to behave. I didn’t have to get up at 4:30a anymore and soon got into the habit of sleeping in until 6:30a or 7:00. I’d toss on some sweats, reheat or make coffee, and jump on Facebook. After perusing the internet for cute kitten pictures, funny or interesting FB posts that I simply had to respond to, I’d eventually get around to writing.


Sometimes I had a honey-do list and so I’d have to take a shower and make myself presentable to the outside world. I should have spent some time cleaning or organizing the condo (I didn’t too often). I think I’ve already admitted to being a crappy domestic goddess. It was summer so I’d often make my way out to the pool and do some editing with voice dream (an app on my iPad) or read a Kindle book. Keeping my tan and irritating my wife with a richer tan than hers was my goal.


On October 16th, I started my new job and my new routine. I’m back to getting up early and now I’m in the office by 6:30. Unfortunately, I don’t have my exercise bike yet, but when I bring that from the Condo, I’ll have to adjust my routine again and get up one hour earlier (same time as when I had my previous job). My head is now spinning with the constant change to my routine.


Humans are creatures of habit and my habits have been screwed with four times in the last 7 months. I had one week of living in a hotel which created a completely different set of routines, including watching CNN when I got home. I don’t have a TV, cable, or internet anymore so when I leave the office usually later in the evening, I don’t have much to occupy my time.  I can link my iPad to my phone, but that’s so frickin’ slow, I often give up. I’m sure I will revert back to a similar routine…the one I had when I was employed in Moses Lake. That means back to writing about a 1,000 word each night. I haven’t been writing lately but that will change as soon as my routine is established again and I’m not working a shitload of hours.


All I can say is a change in routine plays absolute havoc on people with OCD. Speaking of OCD, Affinity Rainbow Publications is doing a holiday anthology and guess who is coming back…Juliet from Captivated in a brand new short story.  I love the holidays which are definitely a time for habit, tradition, and routine. Another story that is just around the corner is The Thanksgiving Baby Caper (due out on November 1st).  Since readers begged me for another installment of the bad ass women in Asset Management and The Organization, I delivered with this inbetweenquel, Thanksgiving story. Here’s a quick scene to wet your whistle:

Toni peeled out of the gravel road leading away from the complex where she and the other agents lived, including Char and her younger sister, Dani. She grinned as she zipped in and out of the heavy traffic on their way to her parent’s house. Char grabbed the oh shit bar as if her life depended on it.

Toni thought that was particularly ironic and burst out laughing. “Don’t tell me you’re scared of my driving? I seem to recall your less than cautious maneuvering the very first time we were in a car together. I think I may have tinkled a little in my drawers when you managed to evade that nasty little mobster glued to your bumper. I don’t get how a slight bit of aggressive driving has you clutching the oh crap strap but you can face a 457-magnum pointed in your face without breaking a sweat?” Toni inquired.

“I’m trained to handle guns. I’m not trained to handle an amateur version of Danica Patrick. Your driving skills suck.”

“Paybacks are a bitch, huh?” Toni quipped.

“And for the record, I am not scared. I just don’t want to get tossed around like a rag doll,” Char insisted.

“Remember, the first time you took me for a ride in your Tesla was a definite recipe for unwanted bruises. Granted, the black SUV that seemed to want to make babies with your Tesla was a bit of an incentive to drive like a maniac. If you knew anything about my mom, you would know that my excessive speed is warranted.”

“I’ll take my chances. Since there aren’t goons shooting at us right now, we have time to travel safely to your mom and dad’s place. I’d like to make sure we arrive at our destination in one piece—preferably with all parts intact,” Char emphasized.

 “Maybe you’re starting to get a little too old for the excitement of going out into the field. I guess it’s time Maggie assigned you to the geek squad with Dani and me.”

“Ha, ha, very funny. Maybe not today, but when we have kids, I might consider that a viable option.”

Toni gulped. “Um…kids.” She knew that when she looked over at Char her expression probably resembled a deer caught in someone’s headlights.

“Oh, relax. I’m not talking about popping out a little bambino today, or even tomorrow, but someday, yes. Now can you turn your head back to the road? I think that truck in the other lane is not too crazy about an impromptu game of chicken.”

Toni jerked the wheel and returned to her lane, narrowly missing the truck.

“Can you please not talk about this in front of my mom? She’s like a shark and when she smells blood—it’s all over,” Toni lamented. “She already loves you more than me, no need to top that gas tank off.”

“I like your mom and we’ve had some very nice discussions about this.”

“Aw, shit. Now I’ll never get that horse back in the barn. You used explosives on the damn door. I might not survive Thanksgiving,” Toni groaned.

“You are such a weeny,” Char teased.

“Yes, but I’m your weeny.”

“Yes, yes, you are. Is it so awful to want a mini weeny to bless our home?” Char asked.

“Home. We don’t have a home. We have subterranean lodging in a super-secret location. Can’t we drop this for now? I’m getting a stomachache and I want to enjoy my mom’s cooking. If I have to listen to her not so subtle push for grandkids, I ought to get compensated with a good home cooked meal.”


Wanna be prepared for the Thanksgiving story by knowing the characters, then you may want to check out Asset Management and The Organization – both are reader favorites. All you have to do is click on one of the links below!

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