Vampire Land

If you follow my blog and various Facebook posts, you probably already know I took a brand new position in Forks, Washington which is the rainiest place in the United States. Forks is also where the Twilight series was set. I asked the locals about this because I must admit, I saw all the movies. Apparently, the movies were not filmed in Forks, but somewhere in Oregon, even though Bella, Edward, and Jacob (the wolf dude) all live in Forks. This did not stop the town from totally capitalizing on the Twilight craze.  They still have a large celebration every September for Bella’s birthday. Will you think less of me if I admit to looking forward to that next year?


The day I arrived in Forks it was sunny and beautiful. I had false hopes that it doesn’t actually rain more than 200 days a year here. My hopes were soon dashed. Since Sunday, it has indeed rained every day! Poured in fact. Apparently, Forks loses power all the time as well. I began to hyperventilate about the possibility that I won’t be able to run my hair dryer without power. I’ve decided to purchase a generator. Having a good hair day is so important. Don’t you agree?

I’ve been asked if I’m going to write about vampires now that I live in Forks…because, you know, I’ll have access plenty of research now that I live here. You do know that the Twilight series is fiction? And now that you know the movies weren’t even filmed here,…Besides, everyone knows I don’t like to write sequels or return to a previous similar storyline. I’ve already written about vampires and shapeshifters. I like to write new and different stories versus going back to the same old, same old! For those who haven’t read all my books, can you guess which book has vampires and shapeshifters?


So…how was my first week at work? In one word…busy. I joked with the CEO about them saving all their complicated employee relations issues for months and years until my arrival. He didn’t disagree. The days went quickly. By the end of the week, most of the issues were successfully resolved. I felt needed, but more importantly, I felt respected. This was a grand feeling. I love my new job because I feel like I can make a huge difference to the organization and that was missing before.


If there are vampires in Forks, maybe one will bite me and give me super strength and endurance. I think I’ll need it over the next few months as I methodically work through all the complicated issues!


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